Best Speaker for Audio Analogue Puccini

Any suggestions for the monitor speaker that would best match with the Audio Analogue Puccini SE integrated amp? I was thinking of either the Tyler Acoustics Tylo Reference, ProAc 1SC or the Silverline SR 17. Any ideas, comments/experiences?
I really like my SR-17s, and preferred them over the ProAcs. I didn't/haven't heard the Tylers. Also compared the Silverlines with Spendors, Sonus Faber, Paradigm Studios and Phase Techs, and bought the Silverlines, largely on a price vs performance basis (though I thought sonically they greatly outclassed the Paradigm and Phase Techs). I've found they do need good stands (I'm still auditioning these) and careful placement; while not too difficult to site, they have a surprisingly large soundstage and need some room to image properly. I had them on a NAD 80 wpc integrated for a while and they were fine right out of the box. I can't say I've noticed any "break in" on them, but I may have been too busy enjoying their musicality. I've since switched them over to my secondary system (an old hybrid tube amp)and I like them even more - they have plenty o' bass, smooth and full midrange, and a soft but well defined treble. The NAD tended towards brightness, but these speakers seemed to completely tame that, yet maintained excellent definition and detail throughout. Like I said, I like 'em alot.

Thanks for your imput. I have heard great things about Silverline and Alan Yung. From reading the many postings and reviews of speakers it seems that Silverline always comes to the forefront. I need to audition them. I am sure I will be pleasantly surprised. Thanks.
I listened to Merlin VSM-SE driven by the Puccini. Great sound! Now that you can buy VSM-Millennium with the cable harness designed for SS amp, it should sound even better. I am very, very happy with my VSM-M driven by Transcendent Sound OTL amp. Another choice is the smaller Merlin, TSM-M.