Best speaker for a SET 5 watts per channel

I realize that high efficiency is key, but besides klipsch which other is ideal. I have a rega Jupiter cd player, and bolder cables. I am looking for a really laid back sound,
Very non-fatiguing sound.
Any help.... Price range 500.00 to 700.00 for pair.


Pair of Triumph Sigs on here for 395.00, Can go wrong with them Very tube freindly. 92+ dB
Check out Welborne Labs list of recommended speakers for SET amps at:
the triumph signatures are the best bet, sweet sound, no music fatigue, very detailed, you cannot find a beeter speaker for that price, really good quality piece of work.
It could be argued that you're going at this thing the wrong way around, but....

Lynn Olson Ariels sound absolutely wonderful but they're way out of your price range because of the incredibly complex cabinet construction. However, they do show up used once in a great while so you might keep an eye out.

Check the Decware Forum for the 95s. They are called 95s because they are 95dB efficient. They are a slim MTM. Appartently your 5 watts will be more than enough.