Best speaker for a 40 watt tube amp

I need some input on the best speaker for a 40 watt tube amp. Under $3000.00
While you will have a few choices thrown at you I'll start by suggesting a speaker from Coincident Speakers. Extremely efficient and your 40 w/ch would be most palatable...
Coincident (maybe a more expensive model used), Reynaud Trente, Silverline SR17..., monitor used for about $1200 on Audiogon.
I have heard the Vandersteen Model 1's sound good with a 30 watt Berning EA-230 and the Quiksilver GLA. Although they are a low cost speaker, using a good tube amp "wakes them" up a bit.
Hi Mfb33, I own the Coincident Super Eclipse. I use a 12 watt amp and only on complex material will it strain. 40 watts on this speaker is more than enough power. The SE is also a full range speaker. For a smaller speaker, Dekay"s advice is very good. Good hunting.
Lots of directions you can go in. I have Coincident, and love them in this application. I also really have a fondness for Triangle. Extremely open and alive sound. Vandersteen 1s and 2 also may something that you would be interested in checking out.
If you are do-it-yourselfer, or know someone who is, check out the Poly Natalia ( and Ariel ( project plans. They were specifically designed to be used with tube amps, especially low powered SET amps. They are happiest when using the 4 ohm tap on your tube amp. I estimate they would cost around $1,200 per pair with ultra premium parts. Build 2 pairs and offer one for sale on the net - speakers like these normally sell in the $5,000 range, retail price. There is a company that sells the Poly Natalia design fully assembled for $5,500.... The Natalias were designed by Dick Olsher of Fi Magazine fame. The Natalias use the Audax aerogel mid, 2 woofer drivers and a Morel tweeter in a full-range 3 way design. The bass drivers are in a ported enclosure while the mid and tweet are in a seperate sealed enclosure. They can be made to resemble the Genesis 5 speaker in appearance. The Ariel, designed by Lynn Olson, is a complex transmission-line design using 2 Vifa mids and a Scan-Speak silk dome tweeter in an MTM configuration. These are the same drivers that are used in some of the best expensive speakers out there. The Ariel is in a slim, single cabinet, has an external crossover, and includes plans for an external woofer cabinet with dual 10" push-pull drivers if you think you need more bass in your room. Both speaker designs are reported to be excellent with tube amps, and are tweakable to suit your fancy. The Ariel is said to have an extremely wide, deep, open soundstage and mids on par with the best. Good luck on your search - I hope this was helpful, and I encourage you to have some fun building YOUR personal "ideal speaker"!!!
Maybe Cabasse, Merlin, Triangle?
The Avantgarde horns (Uno, Duo) are extremely efficient and mate very well with good tube electronics.
i have to agree Coincident is the way to go.