Best speaker for 6 grand max.

What do you think is the best you could get (new or used) for up to $6000?
The Brentworth Sound Labs Type 1 is the most revealing, detailed speaker within that price range that I have ever heard. Its 100 db efficient and uses no crossover. Email Vladimir at then go to North Country Audio and ask him about these incredible speakers. Or email me at and I will help you as much as I can. I own a pair and they are just unreal. Thansk.....Steve
I know where to get a demo pair of Kharma Ceramique 2.0 for about $6000. Contact me if you're interested. rgds, david k.
Without a doubt, If you can find a fool who'd sell a pair of Vandersteen 5's, you'd be the theif of the year!
What a mix of opinions! My vote would be on a used pair of Dunlavy SC IV/A's. They beat out speakers costing 2 to 3 times as much. Good luck.
I agree that the Dunlevy line is excellent, don't spend your money until you have auditioned the Dynaudio line. The sound quality is excellent as well. If you can find a used pair of Duntect Soverign's in that price range, they are truly world class. Good Luck
At only $4k, the Dunlavy SC-III is a steal. I will be reposting my light oak SC-IIIs soon at a price of $2400 plus shipping.
The Dunlavy SC-IVa is hard to beat if you have the space, but don't rule out a set of SC-IV's. The money you save could go into a great set of cables.
I'd look at the new Thiel "2.3 - 1" and a couple of Velodyne 15" remote control (used if you have to). Recording engineers are so freaky with bass these days that you simply MUST have control from your seat. The new baby Thiels can sit atop the subs and are really cute. Happy listening!
I agree that the Dunlavys are worth checking out, I looked hi and low for speakers and decided to go with a used set of SCIVs for only 2800.00, and have been very happy with my purchase. They are a lot of speaker for the money
I agree that Dunlavy SC-IVa's are wonderful, just sold mine to a friend while waiting for Maggie 20.1s. I miss them, they do everything well and are easy to drive.