Best Speaker for $2500 Rock - Jazz, No Clue

Right now I have a pair of Dynaudio 1.3SE's. I am real happy with them, but they tend to bottom out at high volume with excessive bass. I was thinking of investing another 1K after selling these.... maybe. What is the best speaker USED for $2500? Thanks!
there's a smokin pair of mcintosh xrt 20's for sale on agon right now right in your price range,no bass problems there,excellent imaging & will not bottom out with rock or jazz.

Usher 6371 is a fantastic speaker retailing in the $3K range. You should be able to find a demo pair in your range or less .Simply one of the BEST values for the money. They are neutral and dynamic, and are easily driven with moderate power. Bass is extended and does rock and jazz very well.
what's the rest of your system?
Klipsch Cornerhorns ... Before you see them struggle your head will explode. They love jazz and rock (I'd put a good sub on them) and so efficient about anything can drive them.

The down side is they live in 90 degree corners and I dont have two available at the moment so I went with something else until my HT room is built. Go listen to a pair ... I wont say they are "God's gift" but for $2500 they will run up against just about anything.

Big, bold and beautiful, The Venus Williams of loud speakers ...
Since you like your Dynaudios, consider a crossover and sub. $1k is a good budget and you wouldn't have to fool around with selling, packing and shipping speakers, not to mention optimizing speaker placement for the new ones.
I'll chime in with NHT 3.3's and Revel F-30's. Both should work well and cost you 1500-1800 used. I've actually owned the 3.3's so I can vouch for those over the long term....great speakers that will rock with the best of them. I suppose not knowing your system I should add the caveat that they need 200WPC.