Best Speaker For 14' Separation & Placed Near Wall

My Listening Room is configured in a 20'x20' room with a pretty high ceiling. Several "built-ins" exist along the speaker wall; such as, fireplace, TV, doorway, etc. This completely restricts where I can place the speakers.

Therefore, the speakers are placed exactly 14' apart, 1' from the right side wall and pretty much open into the front foyer on the left side. Furthermore, the speaker wall acts as a walkway into another room, so the speakers cannot be pulled into the room more than about 1' from the rear wall. Not ideal, but workable.

Fortunately my listening position is 14' from the speakers. I wanted to know which speakers would work best with such a wide separation distance WITHOUT losing the soundstage and being able to identify each speaker? No budget for the speaker, but something around $7K+ or so, on the used market. An amp upgrade from my Classe 301 will also be done at this time. Recommendations???
You might want to try a pair of the new Allison Ones they are made to be placed directly against the wall or the Allison threes which are to be placed in the corners.
Klipsch Khorns baby, buy used upgraded(crossover, internal wiring, damping)and rock on. You will be Under budget. My Reimer Tetons would work too, and I happen to be selling mine CHEAP. Mine are 12" from the wall, and disappear.

of luck in your journey
I can't believe you haven't sold those Tetons yet for that price. I hope my McCullloughs will be here by the end of the week. Can't wait to hear them.

Tough problem...You'll have major bass problems and imaging will be off potentially given your description. The only think I can think of would be a pair of Vandersteen Quatros or Model 5/5as. The main reason is that you'll need the bass sculpting ability they have. Plus, they won't be affected as much by the placement. Toe in and tilt will be critical too. Let us know what you end up with and how you like it please.
Good luck!
No firm decision as of yet, but I am doing a heck of a lot of research. I am leaning toward the Piega C10 Ltd, due to the fact it is "not" a rear ported design. Rather, it has 2 passive front bass radiators, affording me more near-wall placement leeway. Also, it is a relatively efficient design and is a taller speaker which would give me better vertical imaging, given my high ceiling.
Hi Tekhifi, good luck. It's not an easy room by any means.
If you can afford it, give the Eggleston Works, the AndraII a try. Slight toe in to enhance the image and can be placed close the rear wall. I have the same layout as your in my 2 story family room (20X24) Good luck. These speakers need a lot of power to make them sing. I driving my with the McCormack DNA500.