Best speaker cables to use with Plinius 8200...

I have a Plinius 8200/Paradigm Studio 100 combo and would like recommendations on speaker cables. All recommendations welcome for this combination. Thanks. I plan on using the Sony DVP-9000es for cd playback.

Thanks Sherod, looks like someone read our thread and has offered some assistance, we'll see how goes, thanks again!
Watch out, Durwood ! Those dealers will zoom onto you like flies on you-know-what.
Try this DIY speaker cable, very easy and then compare to the Holograms. I will be doing this comparision this week. I just compared the Audeince and Shunyata speaker cables to my DIY that I got from Marty at Bound for Sound. Buy 6 awg mutli strand wire from H. Depot or Lowes (come in white and pink jackets). Run the positive and negative in opposite directions. Twist around each other loosely. Put them in your system and comapre. You can buy gold spades at your local car audio store to fit the 6 awg wire. They bettered the first two cables I auditioned in my system, saving me over $1000. I will be compariing the AZ Holograms this week.

Try it and you will thank me later, I promise.