Best speaker cables to use with Plinius 8200...

I have a Plinius 8200/Paradigm Studio 100 combo and would like recommendations on speaker cables. All recommendations welcome for this combination. Thanks. I plan on using the Sony DVP-9000es for cd playback.

Hi Durwood, I also have the Plinius 8200 and the Sony 9000ES. I currently have had the best results with the Acoustic Zen Satori. I have also tried the Stealth Premier(all copper) with mixed results.I have been thinking about moving up to the Hologram as the only thing lacking with the Satori is that last bit of air and extension in the upper-most top octaves ( i.e.decay of cymbals) Also, I strongly recommend experimenting(if you haven't already) with a good 10 guage or better power cord for the Plinius.Your power supply and your ears will thank you.Have fun and enjoy the music.
Thanks Sherod, looks like someone read our thread and has offered some assistance, we'll see how goes, thanks again!
Watch out, Durwood ! Those dealers will zoom onto you like flies on you-know-what.