Best speaker cables for Talon Diamond Firebirds

I just bought a pair of Talon Diamond Firebirds with diamond tweeters and I just sold my Transparent Music Wave Super speaker cables yesterday. My pre-amp is Sonic Frontier Line 3 SE. My amp is Krell FPB 600C. Between my pre-amp and amp is a pair of 15 ft Transparent Reference XLR. I am using my Sony SCD 1 with a pair of custom RCA cables. I listen to jazz, classical, and vocal, and I love SACD's. What would be a good choice of cable for my speakers? Thanks in advance.
Congratulations on your speakers. I had the same speakers before and I love the MIT Oracle 2.1 on them. I tried many brands before I settled on the MIT.
Thanks for your response, Nick. I am looking at the Oracle V2 and V2.1. My friend who has a pair of V2 said the V2 is actually better than the V2.1. I wonder if that's true. Also, do you know if I should buy the ultra wide band or just the wide band, and if I should get sigle wire or bi-wire? Please advise.
If you have a budget I would recommend that a higher quality single wire over the same price in bi-wire would be preferable for these speakers.
Thanks for your response, Mr. Rives. My Firebirds have the WBT binding posts. What kind of jumpers would you recommend? My budget is around $5000 for speaker cables. What would you use if you were I? Please advise.
Cardas makes very good jumpers that aren't very expensive. As to cables I like very neutral cables. I liked the previous line of AudioTruth very much. The last version of Clear was excellent--I still use it in my reference system. The cable that I've listened to lately at one of our dealers that was considerably better than many of the others was Tara the One. I haven't heard their other cables and I think the One may be more expensive than your budget. It's possible some of their others would be worth checking out. Kubala Sosna is another one probably worth checking out as well. I will say that my cable experience is limited and working with a dealer that has a good selection would probably be a wise move.
Is the importancy regarding speaker jumpers, especially if you need very short ones not a bit exaggerated? For my speakers I just need 1.5 inch jumpers. I want to use bare solid silver wire for it. Is this wrong? Should I despite the short length use 6 inch long jumpers from a highly esteemed cable company (terminated with spades or banana connectors)? I think this is a bit overkill, don't you think?

I think you are absolutely right. Why introduce two additional terminations for the sake of a 2-inch connection. The insanity has to stop somewhere.
no doubt:
Purist Audio Design. Venustas. price performance to the max.
If you have some extra cash; the Dominus.
great sounding speakers, i like em better than any Avalon or Kharma.

I think no need to spent such amount for excellent LS cables.I changed Transparent Ultra with Nanotec Golden Strada 79.They are really fantastic.2m pair terminated
with Oyaide spades I paid 380$.
Read a review by Bill Gaw of Enjoy the Music.
He was damn right.
I owned for 6 months the firebird diamonds one of the very best speakers!I used them whit great succes whit pad dominus biwire ls cables.Everything you ever woudt and coudt wish was there!