Best Speaker Cables for Merlin VSM-Milenniums

Would appreciate any feedback on what cables besides Cardas that Merlin owners have had success with. Also what IC's have you had the most success with your components
I use Ensemble right now with my VSM's and find them a little thin. I will be trying Luminous Syn. Signature ic's and the Renaissance speaker cable next week. I will let you know. These are said to be great with Merlin's and much less costly the Cardas Gold Reference line. I would buy the Cardas, but really to much money for me. I have the Berning 270 amp and Electrocompaniet EC-1 CD player. Waiting on a Supratek preamp.


Bobby usually used JPS Labs cables but i have also heard my dealer use Blue Circle cables, and although the soudn was different, I recall enjoying the sound! Blue circle cables are quite inexpensive and Bobby used to use Blue Circle electronics to demo the VSM.
Bobby recommends the Cardas Golden Ref. for a lot of reasons. He definitely has some technical specs that he recommends for cables to work best with his design, so you might want to talk to him before buying something. Of course you might prefer the sound of some cables that don't fit his specs, but it's probably a good idea to know why he recommends certain wire for certain uses. These are a few of the specs he told me about: he recommends 2.5-3.0 meter length (with Cardas, and maybe others too), the tweeter leg of a bi-wire should be 15 gauge or smaller (internal or external bi-wire), and he prefers cable using small gauge copper litz wires. He also said that he usually prefers his jumpers over bi-wire (depending on the particular brand of bi-wire).

I have only used 2.5M Cardas Golden Cross (bi-wire) since I got my Merlins and they work very well. I have yet to try the Golden Reference or any other brand. I have tried several different interconnects and my favorites have been Cardas Golden Cross, Coincident, and Luminous Audio Synchestra Signature (with the Luminous being my fave so far). Bobby doesn't recommend silver wire for his speakers, but several people on Audio Asylum are using TG Audio silver wire with the Merlins and say they make a good match. Good luck.
take a look at my review of TG Audio SLVRs on audioasylum. that speaker cable ate up and spit out my JPS Super biwires.

i've heard nothing with better staging. nothing. and unlike most silver, its not bright w/ the merlins.

Hi , I agree with Phild and Vikvilkhu . Both the Cardas and JPS are a no brainer. They work especially well with Joule Electra - Merlin combo. I have used this combo for almost a year now and have tried both Cardas , JPS, and Nirvana.` I liked all of them but bought the Nirvana SX. I really do not think I would pass up any of them . You can try all 3 from the Cable Co and pick the one you like best. I did use unshielded, silver ribbons for a short time but I picked up stray radio signals. I am just an end user not a reviewer but my vote does count. I am sure Nirvana thinks so anyway.