Best speaker cables for merlin speakers?

Running simaudio w-5 power and p-5 preamp, what would be the best speaker cable for this system. I am looking for the best possible sound and at times I am completely content but on other occasions feel that something is missing. Sometimes I believe it to be the ic's.
My system consists of: vpi tnt with outer ring, graham 2.2 tonearm, sumiko blackbird, ear phonostage, sim p-5 and w-5, ic's purchased here Audioquest Lapis, Auricle Audio Design "Encore!" RCA, Above all audio - 1m Gold XLR .
WEll Bobby would recommend Cardas GR all around (i/cs and speaker cables) with Audience Au-24s second. I found the Au-24s a tad drier/more analytical and the CArdas a bit more relaxed. I am also beginning to experiment with Jade Audio Vermeil RCAs and so far am pleased with what I hear.
I use Reality sp. cables and ic`s with my merlins. Love `em. I know of a couple of merlin owners who actually sold their cardas and AU24 wires and switched to reality cables when they tried them.

20 day money back guarantee.

In fact, I liked his sp. cables and ic`s so much, I bought one of his pc`s for my amp.
Well, the Cardas Golden Ref, maybe the Golden Presence if singlewired with Merlin Jumpers.

Which version of which Merlin Speakers? SE vs. M vs. MX/MM vs. MXe/MMe ???? VSM or TSM?

I know Sig. Sound/Merlin showed with Sim Audio in NYC using JPS Wires I believe.
Cardas GR beat all others including PAD Venustas, and other expensive cables - single wired with Merlin jumpers. Sounded better than bi-wiring same cables.
Thanks everyone for your help.
I own the merlin vsm gen III.
With VSM III and Sim Audio I'd go Cardas Golden Cross throughout, And be done with it. The Ver3 is less fleshed out than the SE, M, MX, or the super easy to listen to "E" versions. The Golden Cross will fill out the mids and lower mids a bit, it has a similar refinement that Sim Audio has too. I would also use the Merlin Jumpers with single wired Golden Cross Speaker cables first. Do you have a Bamm? If not get one ASAP; Fills out the Bottom like a big girl. How bout The Z feet? or do you have the BullDog Cones still? Maybe get a wish list together, a set of Merlin Z Feet, Zobel's, Merlin Jumpers, an older traded in BAMM perhaps, and call the gang at Merlin after the 07 CES. Now I am making a few assumptions here based on your older VSM's, you may well have all the above?(BAMM, Jumpers, Zfeet, Zobels,..)If so, then sweet. Your getting all of your VSM. If not, get those first. As a experienced Merlin owner, they are integral to its design, performance and presentation. Before any other upgrades ANYWHERE else, .....

Back to your original question :), I'd go for the more detailed Golden Cross over the JPS with your Ver.3, and I'd start with the Speaker cables, then the IC between your Preamp/Amp (i Find this IC the most critical in a system), then sources..... The great thing is the Merlin's are so neutral, and faithful to what comes before them, you can really tailer the sound to your tastes (if you know what your tastes are, that is always the hard part - esp if you find yourself in a period of changing aural priorities...)
I had the Merlins VSM and used the Golden Reference with them, worked very well. As we all know your beautiful speakers uses the Esotar D330A tweeters, one of the most amazing mids ever, the ones on the Electa Amator mk1 as well and overall presentation is on the darker side to my ears compared to something more forward.

I got great results when I "upgraded" to the Audience Au24 cables on that system. Brought out a little more kick..on the system. Good luck!