Best speaker cables for Martin Logan

Hi.I would like to know what is the known best speaker cable for Martin Logans speakers.mines are front ascents,theater center and aeons surround. B&K amp.what do you guys really recomend,I using right now Dh lab Q-10 for the front and center channel and regular monster cable flat speaker cable.I really need a good input on this cable,for my experience with this cable "Q-10 I think the sound is too harsh.I hear a lot of shhh noice I gues called background noise maybe?well any help will be apreciated.
At first blush I suspect you may need more amplifier than what the B&K provides. To the question at hand...I use Transparent with my Quest Z's and QED Silver Anniversary with my Aerius'; Logan's like to be bi-wired so I'm using a shotgun configuration. These systems are two-channel audio systems so I really don't know how/if your HT set-up will benefit from the same wires. Both do a fine job, but are used in different systems (the QED is considerably cheaper than Transparent, you want to try QED first). Click on my systems and take a look at my main rig and my home office system to get a feel for the associated gear.
I have SL3's in a two channel bi-amp system. I use Audioquest granite on the panels and Audioquest bedrock for the bass. I am very happy with the results.
I doubt the cables are causign the problem but try Blue Circle Audio cable. The desgner use ML as his ref speakers
Well, what type of amp do you recomend?my amp is a 200WPC X7 ,I don't see why the amp is the problem?if it is, what do you recomend with tha same amount of channels?what can I spect from it?

This may sound wrong to you, but I've sold Logan's for years, and have tried everything from Audioquest's latest, to Harmonic Tech, to Transparant, to Ocos, MIT, to Acoustic Zen, you name it! The best thing I've found to work best with them thus far is Monster M series!!!! kidding!
I don't know what it is, but the Monster works great with them on most sytems I've tried. Weird...
Does anybody agree with foreverhifi2000 about the M series from monster cable?
I'm using Monsters on my bi-wire Aerius fronts without a problem. No noise just clean sound...
I use Transparent for my Arius i's. Incredible clean and pure sound
I've been using Monster M1 cables with my ML Sequels since I got them in 87. WONDERFUL!