Best speaker cables for electrostatic speakers?

What are your favorite speaker cables for electrostatic speakers (with a tube amp)? Thanks
XLO is excellent match for both actually
Two good choices would be Magnan signatures or Slinklinks.
Also like XLO.

I have no experience with XLO or Magnan, although I've heard both are good cables. I owned Martin Logans for years and used Kimber 4tc, which is very affordable. I had excellent results. I used 4 runs per speaker. Two runs on the top and two on the bottom. In theory, this would be the same as biwiring with Kimber 8tc. However, I tried the 8tc and liked my version much better - the bass was cleaner and tighter. If you read the reviews, you know the Kimber 4tc (or 8tc) are very good bargains that are known to outperform much more expensive brands.

Note: I was just reading about Home Depot Wire! Seriously, read about it for yourself on Agon or Audio Asylum. I had a conversation, via email, with a true audiophile how uses it on his very expensive system and swears by it. I'm not going that route, but it is definitely something to think about!!

Good luck.

Double run of DiMarzio, goes great between Levinson and Martin Logan Prodigys.
LAT International or the XLO.
SoundString -- smooth, articulate... have a pair linking my Prodigies to Halo JC-1's with really musical/magical results.
I am using Homegrown Audio Silver Lace speaker cables between my tube amp and electrostatic speakers for the past three years with superb results!
Alpha Core Goertz MI2. Double run of Polk Cobra Cable (original round braid).