Best Speaker cables for DYNAUDIO Focus 140

I am building my first hi-end audio system.It is being a very slow process as I have to consider lot of other things before spending from my hard earned money from the wallet. So far I have bought followings...
1) Speaker : Dynaudio Focus 140
2) Int amp : Plinius 9200
3) Interconnect : Pure note paragon XLR
4) Power cords : VH Audio flavor 4

I haven't bought CD player yet but seriously considering Cambridge audio 840C. My budget is around $1500. I would also consider your expert opinions. The last item is the speaker cables. I would like to get suggestions from all Dynaudio and Plinius lovers about the speaker cables at reasonableprice within $1000.
I listen to all kinds of music except hard rock and techno.

thanks a lot
acoustic zen hollow gram 2 are what i have been using,1.3se sim amp,nice.might need to sell for bi/wires,mint.
Might be hard to find but TG Audio makes an excellent and reasonably priced speaker cable. The owner of the company died last year so I'm not sure about current product, but if you can find used, check them out. It's what I like better than Cardas Golden Reference and Audience AU24. I've also heard that a newer Cardas cable, SE9, is quite good and not on the soft and fuzzy side like the Golden Ref.
the analysis oval 12 or the solo crystal 8 are good candidates with the Focus 110.
I recently heard them recently with the Oval 12 and was quite impressed