Best speaker cables for Creek 5350SE/MA Silver RS6

Hello, all. I have a 1st-gen Creek 5350SE and Marantz SA-8001 SACD, and recently bought Monitor Audio Silver RS6 speakers which need to be bi-wired.

What is everyone else using with their RS6s? I'm using Home Depot 14 gauge extension cord right now. I tried AntiCables with my Heybrook HB2 loudspeakers (which the RS6s replaced), but they were AWFUL in the Creek/Heybrook combination, even after a long burn-in: I went back to the Home Depot DIYs.

Any suggestions for used bi-wires under $200-$300? The MIT CVT Terminator 2 cables Stereophile used in their review are out... too pricey.

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When I purchased my RS6 I was told that Tara Labs worked well, never got around to trying them. I've mostly used older Transparent cables or Anti-cables; neither biwired. I'm interested in hearing how the MIT T2's would sound.

BTW, I'm impressed with the RS6. Nice speaker if you pair it up with the right equipment. Creek is a good choice, RS6 can also sound good with Ayon tubes...kind of silly statement, I know, because most anything sounds good with Ayon. The local dealer here in Sacramento paired the RS6 with Ayon tubes for me one time and I was impressed with the tremendous clarity and soundstage. They also sounded really nice when we tried Creek, so I bought them.

Best wishes finding the right cable. Would appreciate if you let us know what you choose.