Best Speaker cable in the $400.00-$500.00 range for 2 meters

I currently have a Rogue Audio Magnum power amp, Rogue Preamp, Triton 5 speakers with 2 SVS subwoofers,
and a Cary Audio CD player. My current speaker cable is by Discovery Cable. Looking to upgrade my cable and
was recommended the Nordost White Lightening which retails for $377.00 a pair for 2 meters and the Nordost Purple Flare, both in the Leif family of Nordost for $500.00 per pair  for 2 meters. In short my budget is
 $500.00 per pair. If there is any other cable that can be recommended in my price range that my be superior
 I would appreciate any suggestions.  Looking for the best use of the $500.00.
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Expect 50 responses with 50 different recommendations. 

Only you can decide what’s best with your components to your ears. 
Look to ClearDay cables....he has sample you can try before you buy.   These were the best for my system after checking all those high priced brands.
I don’t believe Paul (of Clear Day Cables) is making cables anymore due to his health problems.

I’ve gotten great results trying out Cabledyne Speaker Cables.
($275 for 2.5m) It takes a couple of days for the highs to open up and the base takes another day or two but when it does, it has some of the tightest image focus I’ve heard in my system.

All the best,
I don’t know about a specific cable, as I’m no expert, but why not buy used? You’re asking on a forum for a used marketplace. Cables in this price range are frequently found over 50% off almost brand new. Even new, I was able to negotiate 20% off Audioquest cabling, so definitely don’t accept MSRP. 

As for sound, I think to get suggestions you may need to explain better what sound you’re looking for. For instance, if you want more bass impact, you’ll probably want a lower gauge wire (thicker).  
Try the Discovery Essential if you have a lower level Discovery.  Also Cerious Graphene Extreme.  I am using both.  I prefer the Cerious but the Essential is also excellent
You should try Wireworld. I don't claim they are best though, but good value and may mesh well with your system. 
kjl1065 and jkl35:
How would you describe the discovery cable you are currently using?  I am considering a cable change and am looking for a neutral yet open sound. I understand Discovery cable is quite good overall.

Old model Cerious Tech Cables, Teo audio game changer 2m used, they showed up for $400 at times.used Audioquest cables as well...
Look at Analysis Plus.
Big +1 @mayoradamwest -- you really need to give us some idea of what you're looking to improve upon or at least what aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you or you're just going to get a mishmash of random recommendations that may or may not match with your personal preferences. 
Go to Madisound online .Supra from Sweden topcables is around a awg11
use a 5- 9s purity Copper over 200 strands and each indiividual strand  is Tin plated to eliminate oxidation , as well as microarching  according to their engineering guide between strands .this method has been used for decades in Europe. It sounds very good I just rewired my Loudspeaker with this .it also twists the  wires in ahelex withCotton string on 2sides for antivibration then an outer thin plastic outer  type jacket. For around $400. This has won Many awards in Europe ,but speaking of this top model. 
I could make a recommendation for you, but only if you don’t mind coming in at about half your budget [without sacrificing performance, of course ;) ].
Let me know if you’re interested.

Try Reality Cables. I replaced my mega expensive Purist with them. Gregg Straley customizes them and cryos every cable. They sound fantastic!
 Sounds like your local dealer likes Nordost 
nothing wrong with building a relationship:-)

Make your own speaker cables from 12 gauge Duelund Tinned - copper in cotton, oil impregnated wire. Will cost less than $500 and most likely will sound better than whatever you can buy new or used in that price range (after break-in).
If you must buy a speaker cable built by a professional manufacturer, look into Cerious Technologies Graphene speaker cables.
Please read before spending your money.

Changing cables may make your system different but better is highly questionable from recommendations... 
A 100 foot roll of 14 gauge  lamp cord from Home Depot? ;-)
Used Transparent Audio Gen5 Plus for around $600
@lak is spot on about the Duelund.  I can make you a set with the 12 gauge Duelund for your budget and you simply cannot do better. I`m wondering if the Duelund wire would be an improvement over the MIT 750 Music Hose that I`ve been using for the last 15 years or more ???

You can buy 8 meters of Dueland 12 gauge from Parts Connection and twist and strip it yourself and have a quality set of speaker cables for $160 plus shipping.  It is recommended that you use them with bare ends but if you want connectors on the end get them from Chris as well and install them.  I use mine with bare ends.  

If you have to have pre-made then look at the Audio Sensibility Testament cables. Made with OCC copper and Audioquest connectors for C$449 and with the current exchange rate would be about $350.!/Testament-Single-Wire-Speaker-Cable...
I second both straley reality cables and analysis plus cables.
Wireworld are good for the price. Recently got some Zu LIBTEC from eBay for less than 100.00 delivered and they are very, very good. MacIntosh 2105 driven MMG speakers.
12 gauge Duelund Tinned - copper in cotton, or Goertz, both were designed for audio by real engineers. You can use Western Electric, the original, it's what I am listening to now, but I am told Duelund is better, all my ICs are Duelund. There are now Western Electric fakes, so if you buy W.E. I recommend buying from;

If using Goertz USE THE ZOBELS! Goertz like the old and much vaunted Polk cable, is almost purely capacitive and can send amplifiers into oscillation in inaudible frequencies, which can destroy you amp. I have used Goertz for years, WITH ZOBELS! I haven't yet done an A/B, but both sound like they don't exist IME. Other cables do seem to impact the sound, so if you are trying to cover for other issues, keep looking.
I have a Rogue Stereo 90 (modified slightly) driving the electrostatic panels of Martin Logan Vantage speakers. I recently bought Morrow SP4 cables which are currently still on special and am totally knocked out by the improvement to my sound even though they are not fully burned in yet. And best of all you get 60 days to try them out and if you don't like them you can get your money back. The SP4 cables are well  under your price level and sit around the middle of the Morrow range.
Check out Blue Jeans Cable for their offerings
I drove my Avalon Eidolen speakers with a Rogue amp connected via several cables until I settled on AntiCables. Serious bang for the buck.

(I subsequently replaced the Rogue with an Ayon Triton amp, but kept the cables.)
Look at SignalCable.  I have a set of Silver Resolution.  Very impressive, very affordable.
A used pair of Straightwire Maestro on eBay.
Sigh. This is what I would do if seeking advice on speaker cable selection.

1.  Ignore everyone that doesn't have your amp.
2.  Use a lending program from a dealer or
3.  If necessary and if #1 doesn't work, try cables that work very well for an alternate amp with similar audible characteristics to yours.


Different horses for different courses.
Avoid bankruptcy.
Purchase used, if possible.


(Roll credits)
1. Ignore everyone that doesn't have your amp.
and source and speakers and room and preference
Well, since OP so far not willing to specify what kind of improvements he's looking for, I'll submit there's a 2m pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram II on eBay for $599.  Great all-around cable I'd think would be tough to beat at that price.  But then since we don't know the OP's tastes, who knows???  Just a crap shoot here. 
Hi.  72 year old seasoned music lover.  I spent much time with a local cable designer in Maine who went up against the big boy stuff.  My most recent find has been working with Tim Stinson of Luminous Audio, a small, dedicated specialty company that has fair pricing and wonderfully musical, revealing products.  Highly recommended, kjl1065!
I have to agree with those suggesting that your choice of cables should be dependent upon your current system and where you want the sound to go from where it is now.  

For example, Analysis Plus cables were recommended by one poster.  I find their cables to be a bit on the warmer side and recall purchasing a pair several years ago when my system was a bit bass shy.  They were perfect at that time and did exactly what I had hoped.  

On the other hand, I've found cables like Kimber and Nordost to be on the cooler side.  If you feel that your system is a bit too warm, or that you need more enhanced resolution, that type of cable might work well for you.

The cables that I've personally used and have found fairly neutral have been ones like Transparent Audio and Clear Day.  Another poster is correct that Paul of Clear Day isn't currently assembling cables.  Sending a shout out to him, and hoping that his health improves very soon!  Michael
@wcfeil "Expect 50 responses with 50 different recommendations."

Best and most accurate post of the year in any thread, and will not be eclipsed 
Check out the reviews on Tellurium Q Black 11. I think a 2 meter pair falls within your budget.