Best Speaker cable for my setup for around 2 k

I currently have B&W 802D, Mcintosh MCD 207 7 channel amp, im wondering what cables i should go with for the speaker, im kind of new to all these brands, the only one i know are audioquests. I have around 2 k to spend. Also for music do you think this Ampplifier is sufficient in extracting the true quality of my B&W speakers? Any helpful suggestions would be great Thank you very much.
or something like that, if you search for The Cable Company I think you will get there.
Best cable is a short, thick and cheap one....copper works for me, save up for a bigger amp.
Purist Musaeus.
ok so maybe a 2 channel amp is what i need instead of looking for wires to improve my sound.
If I have your system I will use Kimber, or Harmonic
Technology cables.
I 2nd the Purist Audio Museaus,
I think the TRANSPARENT cables are terrific. The current models, mm are better than the previous one!. They do show up rarely on Audiogon. Like you, I have a very fine system and can easily hear how good these cables are. The interconnect to your preamp from sources is really important too. Good listening. PH