Best Speaker Cable for Lamm 1.1's Amps

Looking for the ultimate speaker cable to be used with Lamm 1.1 Amplifiers and ESP Concert Grand speakers. Considering Gutwire speaker cable!
I use Kimber Select 3038 with my Lamm's
I use Bear Labs Silver Thunder. Also recommended: Nirvana, Purist Audio, Kharma Reference (in increasing order of $$!!)
I recommend that you contact the designer of Stealth cables for a recommendation: [email protected] I know him, so if that destroys my objectivity in your mind, feel free to ignore this advice. But with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you're not risking much. Good luck with your quest.
I agree with above post regarding Nirvana and Purist. I would also add that the Acoustic Zen products are a good match.