Best speaker cable for Krell/Dynaudio?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for the best matching cable for my system. Any advice will be helpful. My components are
- Krell Evo 505 SACD player
- Krell Phantom II preamp
- Krell Evo 402e power amp
- Dynaudio C4 speakers

I use Nordost Cast ic's, Krell Vector HC and Nordost Vishnu power cords.

I'm now considering the following ones:
- Audioquest Redwood
- Wireworld Gold Eclipse 7
- Nordost Tyr 2
- Crystal Reference
- Purist Dominus
- Synergistic Element Tungsten
- Tara Labs 0.8
- Kimber 6065

So, what do you think?
Thank you all for the responses. I moved a step higher from my original list. I've received many suggestions and now 4 cables are in my sight:
- Audioquest Wildwood
- Tara Labs Omega Gold
- PAD 25th Anniversary Luminist
- Wireworld Eclipse Platinum 7

I know all of these cables sounds marvellous, but which one will fit better to my system?
Why not just call The Cable Company? They should have the 4 cables you list above to lend out. Try them all and pick the ones that sound the best.
I would have to agree with Kenscollick, demo the Synergistic Research Element line of cables and Power cables. I tried many power cables and S.R.'s are the best. They been winning a lot of awards lately as well.
I think that the AQ will be the most neutral of all of them. If you have confidence in your components, you'll want the AQ's. Most will tell you that. I'd try to check all of them in your system too in order to see which ones you like the best.
Unfortunately I live overseas in Europe, I could not take advantage of Cable Library service. Yes, it would be very easy to pick out the best. But thanks for advice, I'll ask them about these cables.