Best speaker cable for Krell/Dynaudio?

Hi guys,

I'm looking for the best matching cable for my system. Any advice will be helpful. My components are
- Krell Evo 505 SACD player
- Krell Phantom II preamp
- Krell Evo 402e power amp
- Dynaudio C4 speakers

I use Nordost Cast ic's, Krell Vector HC and Nordost Vishnu power cords.

I'm now considering the following ones:
- Audioquest Redwood
- Wireworld Gold Eclipse 7
- Nordost Tyr 2
- Crystal Reference
- Purist Dominus
- Synergistic Element Tungsten
- Tara Labs 0.8
- Kimber 6065

So, what do you think?
If you decide to audition The Tara labs 0.8 ,,, I can tell you it is revealing with a slight warm good tone, and it is not forward sounding at all, which presents a realistic presatation with the sound stage, you get a good tast of three dimensionality with this speaker cable, but of course, you get better, more of everything when you move further up the Tara cable food chain, Happy Listening.
You might consider Grover Huffman's speaker cables. I use those myself on both the Revel Salon 2 and the C4s in two different systems. I think they sound pretty good I haven't heard all the others on your list but I have tried many pricey cables over the years and to mean the Grovers just sound right.
I have used a lot of different cables through the years and have settled on Synergistic Research The element series is simply amazing. SR continues to win best in shoe pretty much wherever they are.
Thank you all for the responses. I moved a step higher from my original list. I've received many suggestions and now 4 cables are in my sight:
- Audioquest Wildwood
- Tara Labs Omega Gold
- PAD 25th Anniversary Luminist
- Wireworld Eclipse Platinum 7

I know all of these cables sounds marvellous, but which one will fit better to my system?
Why not just call The Cable Company? They should have the 4 cables you list above to lend out. Try them all and pick the ones that sound the best.
I would have to agree with Kenscollick, demo the Synergistic Research Element line of cables and Power cables. I tried many power cables and S.R.'s are the best. They been winning a lot of awards lately as well.
I think that the AQ will be the most neutral of all of them. If you have confidence in your components, you'll want the AQ's. Most will tell you that. I'd try to check all of them in your system too in order to see which ones you like the best.
Unfortunately I live overseas in Europe, I could not take advantage of Cable Library service. Yes, it would be very easy to pick out the best. But thanks for advice, I'll ask them about these cables.
@ Ssblnt99, Tara Labs just introduced new models of cables, The Omega gold is far beyound whats mentioned on this thread, However, The replacement of the Tara Labs Omega Gold Is the New Tara Labs Evolution Omega speaker cables, Tara labs claims is 75% better Than the Omega Gold, If you audition this cable, Be sure it is fully Broken-in, And please, Bring your Impressions to the Tara Labs Site Here on Audiogon, You would be the first, other than me, to listen to such a cable of this level of play back for home audio, The Evolution Omega Is second from the top, The New flag-ship cable is the Tara Labs Evolution Grandmaster I/C, Speaker cable, Power cord, The Gandmaster power cord will be introduced very soon, They have the proto-type now, look forward to your reply, Happy Listening.
Unfortunately you live in Europe?
Wish I had some of that misfortune.
I think your best bet if you can't hear others is go with AQ which is the most neutral. You just can't go wrong with them. If you aren't happy after putting them in, then it's on the components, lol...and you have some nice gear. Let us know what you do.
06-08-14: Schubert
Unfortunately you live in Europe?
Wish I had some of that misfortune.
Schubert (Threads | Answers | This Thread)
Schubert, Life in Kabul no good? Don't worry, it'll improve after we leave in 2016.
@ ssblnt99, BTW, for what it is worth, I use Krell with the Tara Labs Omega Gold, and in a year, will move on to the Tara Labs Evolution Omega speaker cables, what great synergy!
06-08-14: Schubert
Unfortunately you live in Europe?
Wish I had some of that misfortune.


You should consider the Stealth Dream V10 speaker cables as well.
I would vote for HiDiamond D8 that I currently test in my main system, almost everything one needs and are very musical.

A big improvement (and I would start there first) would be to upgrade the Vishnu PC, even in the NordOst line they are underperformers. If you like the NordOst house sound, go for Brahma or Valhalla (2); better still, upgrade to HiDiamond P3 or P4, IME, some of the best value / money in PCs.
I think you would be perfectly fine with blue jean cables.
Guys, thank you again for your helpful answers.

It seems that some Tara cables are on the way, Omega Gold and two Cobalts for player and preamp. It'll take two weeks to get them. It was a tough decision, PAD, AQ and Valhalla 2 were in the running too, finally I got a good deal on Tara cables.

I'll keep you posted about my impressions. I'm really excited.
@ Ssblnt99, Hi, I just E-mailed Tara Labs With break-in concerns of the Tara Labs cobalt power cords, In turn, Devon scott-vice president E-Mailed Mr. Mathew Bond Himself for my answers, I was supprised!, His answer was because of the complexity of the construction of the cobalt power cords, It will take hundreds of hours to break-in, end of quote.., wow!, Because I have a cobalt connected to a digital player, and most in my opinion only draws 25 to 40 watts from the wall, I will give the cobalt 600 to 700 hours of burn-in, now, a pre-amp draws a little more from the wall, I would say 400 to 500 hours of burn-in on that position, and the other Tara Cables, Give them 400 hours of burn-in as well, they will still improve beyound these hours, but you get most of the sound at 400 hours, This is a real pain in the aXX to go thru all this burn-in, I know, I am Burning in a cobalt now!,Make sure you come over to the Tara Labs thread two or three months from now and post your impressions there too., cheers.
First of all the cables you listed all have totally different properties. They will all give a different outcome.

I would listen to as many you can borrow. I do not think that Nordost is a good combination with your set. I sold Nordost for over 9 years of time. I even owned the Valhalla for over 12 years of time.
Bo is essentially correct in that there are many choices that will all sound good. Best thing is to not overspend so you can buy and sell as needed.

Audioquest is a good place to start...readily available second hand and good value compared to many.
@Audiolabyrinth, Hi Keith, I'll definitely share my thoughts about Tara cables in your thread. I don't think it'll take so long to write my first impressions, these cables are demo ones, so won't take so many hours the brake in time, but thanks for your detailed advice.
@Bo1972, Hi, I already read your review about Nordost Valhalla, and that's why avoided it. I had an opportunity to demo Valhalla 1 and Tyr 2 side by side in my previous system. Tyr 2 was far better, more detail, more dynamic than Valhalla. My main problem was it sounded dry. It was not very pleasant to listen for long.
@Mapman, Hi, my search ended with Tara cables. I'll lend AQ Redwood for testing against Tara Omega Gold. I'm very curious what will be the main difference between the sounding.
Audio is about understanding all different parts where you Judge a cable for.

I also sold Tara Labs in the past. AQ and Tarlabs bought give a sharp individual focus.

Choose about 5 music numbers you know very well. You need to make it as simple as possible for yourself.

You can choose different kind of music you all like.

Also for the future it is important to use Always the same numbers. For people with less knowledge this makes it a lot more easy.

I even helped people to focus on part for part during comparing cables.

When you read my story about Total Sound. You know a little where you can Judge the cables for.

Good luck an enjoy it. It can be a lot of fun......
Audioquest Redwood against Tara Labs Omega Gold speaker cable, That's funny, I'm sure the Red wood is a good cable, However, The Omega gold is considered one of the best speaker cables available, It's in a different league, you made a good choice Ssblnt99, congrats are in order!
Thankyou and your welcome Ssblnt99, I look forward to read what you have to say on the Tara Thread.
The Taralabs still uses copper. I have proven that I can create a higher level in blacks, timing, sharpness in individual focus, resolution, differences in Heights and stage depth with silver.

Yesterday I received my new Audioquest Wel Signature xlr inerconnect.

Mannnnnnn.......this is from another world. I will write a review in a few weeks.

Later this year I will buy the Wel Signature loudspeakercable as well.

The black level of the Redwood is stunning. Also listen to 2nd and 3th voices of a recoding. Silver let you hear these things in a recoding much easier than copper can.

The Redwood uses almost 40% silver. You also can hear it back in the level of Decay in the left and right corners of your speakers during listening.

Audioquest is extreme precise in letting you hear all different parts of a recoding separately during listening.
Bo, It is not about what kind of metal the conductor is made of, it's the shape of the conductor and the dielectric, also the way the conductors are impemented in the windings geometry with tara Labs, The omega gold speaker cable has been a long standing known, As one of the best available speaker cables, out of all the types of cables Tara Labs makes, they are known for their speaker cables, as with other companys may be known for power cables such as shunyata research, the only speaker cables I know of, that are better than the Omega gold is Tara labs brand New Line, The Evolution Omega that Is second from the top, and the new Flagship speaker cable, The Evolution Grandmaster speaker cable, cheers.
@Audiolabyrinth, I know Omega Gold is in higher level than Redwood, but I could borrow only this one against Tara, maybe Valhalla 2. As Bo1972 wrote above, Tara is fully copper while AQ uses silver partially, so they are different world, I only want to compare the attitude of these cables.

@Bo1972, I was thinking about Wel Signature as well, but it was out of my price range. My Dynaudio dealer told me AQ cables not working good with Dynos.
I heard yesterday to my new Wel Signature xlr.

After 30 hours burning I had back my depth. This cable does things I never heard in my life by any cable. Not even the Odin can do these things.

In about 10 days I will write a review about it.

I can garantee you that the silver and Audioquest their technique do things other brands only can dream of.

Yesterday evening every single song I played I became into a trance.

I never heard so much difference in Heights of voices and instruments of songs I heard hundreds of times.

The air around voices and instruments made the physical apperance going to a new level. Nordost is still not able to give this level of touchable sound.

The difference is that you hear all the different parts with their acoustic information just by them selves. The Odin makes more one part of it togheter.

I have auditioned the Valhalla 2 this years. Hahahahahaha.....they don't even come close in black level, height level, 3 dimensional physical appearance. I hope to give presentations on shows to let people hear it.Because hearing is believing.

Today I phoned for over 15 minutes with the Boss of Audioquest Europe about this cable.

I said: people need to hear this cable. People need to know what it does and what it brings.

This is the openness I want to see and hear in audio.

I want to share more information with people. Sharing give better sound for every one. It is that simple!
@Bo1972, What are your main components, and what xlr cable have you changed to the Wel Signature? It would be very helpful to know what cable have you used before.

What you said sounds very promising, and that's why should I audition Redwood to get some taste of AQ.
I went from the new Wild Blue Yonder to the Wel.

I also will change my pure silver Acapella to Wel.

I think it would be interesting to compare the Omega with the Wel Signature.

I also hope to compare the Wel with Transparent best cables. One of my contacts does Transparent. He visits me sometimes.

You can see in my threads and aswers what I use.
Bo, how do I find your other threads. Just interested. Thanks

Just back from a long trip to Wash DC via Audio Connections in Verona, NJ and a bunch of stores down to DejaVu in VA. Those are the two best audio stores I have come across in years. Passion and a great choice of products that to my ear, sound incredible. Different approaches.
John at AC, vinyl, Vandy and AQ
Steven and Vu at DejaVu, vinyl, Audio Note

On the trip I was blown away by the single ended sound of AN. I loved the sound, however I think it was lacking a bit vs the systems John has put together for me.

I think I was able to hear the differences in cables on this trip. I went from AQ at John's to Cardas, Tara, Kimber and AN (plus a ton of others that are constantly mentioned). In the end I found that the AQ, Cardas and Tara seemed to be the best with different components.

In the AQ line, the differences are quite amazing the higher up you go in their line (ie different layout and adding silver). Their WEL line is sick good and what Richard Vandersteen uses. I've heard this cable once and was blown away by what it did with good components and not even great ones. I never liked silver until I heard what it can do. Then I hear the AN cables with silver and I think I"m onto something. The more silver, the more accurate, fast and NATURAL. Not tipped up high end like it used to be. I'm just a music lover and not an engineer. I understand grain patterns and metallurgy as I used to sell gold in the dental industry.

Each cable just sounds different and you have to really listen and match. For a lay person like me, I have found that AQ is the easiest way to go and a place where you can easily end. I will say you should get at a min the DBS battery packs. Those things really seem to relax the sound and make it special. The higher up you go will give you different sound, but depending on components you are using, they may not be a better sound. Once you are into their highest regions, the WEL is just special and can probably make a 1500 integrated sound like once twice as much. It will get everything out of it that you can get.

Cardas has a nice, relaxed presentation on what I heard it on also. It actually let me enjoy some speakers and electronics that I haven't liked in the past. I have learned that most stores don't have a clue as to what sounds best in their systems or they just want things to be big, bright and deep (not always the right deep or high either).

Kimber has sounded good on some systems too, but again, it comes down to matching. You can start a thread on here and ask what is best in anything and it doesn't matter. Every room and ear are so different. Bo and I love the AQ line from top to bottom right now, but we both agree that sometimes other cables are great sounding too (I think that's your position Bo), but others of you sell different cables and love them more or you get a better mark up, lol.

Stores are in business to sell and make money, however some of you who own shops, really care about the customer's happiness and you do try to teach them. The two stores I mentioned have treated me so well that I'll send my friends in DC to DejaVu as they will give personalized service and sell what the person really wants. Same with Johnny at Audio Connection. I'm not a shill for anyone as I think a local store is needed for all of us.

I know my post deviates a bit from the thread, but I believe strongly that I"ve tied it in and that it's message is that you have to try as many things as you can OR you can find a dealer who understands YOU and your ear. They need to know your listening room, however we all know that rarely happens. That's why you need someone who will come to your home and set up your system. Hopefully they can bring a few sets of different cables and a component or two to help you make up your mind.

I've heard top of the line Dynaudio with top AQ, Cardas and Tara cables and I chose the AQ's as best, however some like the other two. The AQ had to be in their top of the line stuff otherwise they will be too bright for my ear, but when matched properly they will open up that Krell too. Not my cup of tea (being honest), but I did list what I have liked best with Dynaudio speakers when I've heard them in different rooms and different models. JMHO...
That is why I will buy the Wel Signature loudspeakercable this year as well. I want to do it in parts, that is a lot more fun to do. When you own it all directly, it is not that special anymore.

I have put a lot of effort in resolution, articulation, blacks, stage depth and width, sound realism and a physical individual focus of instruments and voices.

The Wel puts music to a much higher level. In all your recordings you thought you know well you hear a lot more height differences. But mann this is the most musical silver cable I ever heard so far.

The air it puts around voices make them so much more intimate. The level of emotion what you feel during playback is a lot higher.

I have spoken to the head of Audioquest Europe yesterday. I invited him to come soon. I want to do something with it. This level of sound need to be shared.

This is listening to music at the max!
You can read back everything I click on my name. Here you see the threads, answers and reviews.
One thing I know for sure; silver reveals more details. But some gear are not able to use it. They need copper to get an involving sound. This I heard many times at different clients.

But they have less detail and precision at the end. That is why I love comparison and demos.

The difficult part for me is that I am aware that audio can become addictive. I have a big influence on that part. You still need to protect your clients. I had some hard discussions about this. When I think a client is focussing too much on sound. I will interrupt him and say that this will not make him happy.
The Wel sets instrument and voices so much more apparent. This is an essential part for highend. That is why I said many times; Nordost is incomplete. Because they are not able to make instruments and voices apparent as the AQ can. You need the black level to put it all in place. This is what I can make clear to people during a demo with AQ. The level of blacks make it understandable in only a few seconds.

Listening to music where al parts are physical more touchable makes your smile on your face so much bigger during listening. The emotion inside is going to a higher level.

That is why you want to feel the emotion of your beloved music!
"You can read back everything I click on my name. Here you see the threads, answers and reviews."

Groundhog Day? :^)
LOL... it's all good.
Things are as they are :)
@ Ssblnt99, Hi, did you get the Tara labs Omega gold speaker cables yet?, if so, be sure to atleast do 400 hours, the cable still improves with more hours, however, you can enjoy what you do hear at this point of break-in, reply back, I look forward to this follow up.
Hi Keith, I'm still waiting for cords, it took a few weeks for my dealer to get them with schuko plugs from Tara. Package will be ready for shipping next week, and another week to receive. I'll post my impressions in Tara thread asap.
ok, power cords?, I thought you wanted speaker cables?, Not sure if you will like any of the power cords unless it's the new Grandmaster power cord, All the top tier Tara labs Interconnects and speaker cables I will recommend.cheers
Keep us posted. Will be interested in your thoughts.
I posted in my 06-12-14 comment, I bought Omega Gold speaker cables and two Cobalts.
Ssblnt99, The Tara Omega gold speaker cables you are getting are a very profound speaker cable, The cobalt Power cord I own to, I have mixed impressions on that power cord, it has many good attributes, but some of the attributes I do not like, I will see how it pans out, I am not sure if it is wise to run a full loom Of Tara or any other cable for the first time!, The Zeo gold interconnect and Omega Gold speaker cables sound prolific together, when I use the cobalt with this set-up I have extrodinary clarity and Holographic sound, However, I am not happy with the thin bass, the bass seems to be over focused, It's a sound I am not familiar with, and do not like, my stock power cord with the other Tara cables has awsome bass with less clarity on the rest of the sound, I will see how this ends up, My amp is burning-in to 500 hours, I am at 159 hours, still, I cannot explain why the stock power cord on my digital player has so much better bass A/B the two power cords, just letting you know you might not like the cobalts, I also wanted you to know, try the speaker cables with other power cords, stock or not, you will not have problems with the speaker cables, they are incredible in every way possible, cheers.
I think every component, including cables behave differently in various systems. I'll use Cobalts with my player and preamp, I hope they'll work well together. I have other cords compare with Cobalts. I'm really excited about the endresult.
@ Ssblnt99, I agree with your statement, do some comparisions of the power cords, I would like to know the out come of that, The cobalt is a bitch to break-in, 500 hours, my cobalt is a used cord, I have a 3ft oyaide plug and IEC version, Keep me posted, cheers.
Hi Ssblnt99, well, I am happy to tell you that the Tara labs cobalt with 678 hours of burn-in sounds a whole lot better now!, the bass is accurate and sounds good now, this power cord will go thru many changes, I have never exsperience such a long break-in in my life with anything, as it turns out, this is a good power cord for the asking retail price, most people do not give this power cord enough break-in before they give their impressions of the sound, I know, I was guilty of the same, glad I waited it out and gave the power cord a fair shake!, cheers.
Ssblnt99, whats your first name?, any way, clerical error, I meant 578 hours and more on the cobalt power cord, regarding my last post, Rock you like a Hurricane! cheers.