Best speaker cable for Genesis speakers

I am looking to upgrade my speaker cable, and am hoping to get some feedback as to what would be some good candidates to audition. My speakers are the Genesis 4 tower units. Currently I use the Shunyata Orion to run from my Levinson 33H's to the Mid/tweeter towers. This is the cable I am looking to upgrade. I'm not sure that bass response of a particular cable is important, because as I said, this cable is just going from the Levinsons to the mid/tweeter towers, obviously handling the midrange and tweeter ranges only. So, do I only care about the mid to upper performance of a speaker cable, and if so, what is a top candidate to consider? As for the Shunyata Orion....I have no complaints, the system sounds awesome......but I also don't know if there is an opportunity to considerably improve the sound with a cable upgrade, or if it would be a sideways move!!

Hey there...hope you've been well! Try Tara Labs The One and 0.8. What are you doing for your bass units?
Hey Mark, good to hear from you! My bass towers are using some kind of Genesis proprietary design....very expensive and recommended by the manufacturer, so don't want to touch that one at this time anyways! Though about Tara lots, but, are they like Synergistics.....where they have an electric current or battery pack "insulating" the signal?? I tried the Synergistics and really liked it, but, it charged my whole room with static....ended up shorting out my movie processor and had to ship accross the country to repair a little shy about that active shielding thing!! I think essentially what I need is a speaker cable who's strengths are in its mids and top end.
The Tara cables do not have active shielding of any kind. With the The One and 0.8 I'm sure you'll be very happy with the mids and top-end. They also have bass that is extremely impressive. Another very noticeable difference I found is that they project a much larger soundstage in all directions....have a great day! As always, it is great to hear from you...
I ended up buying the Stealth Dream, and do like them very much! There are so many good ones out there though, where to stop the madness!!? I would love to try the Tara, and Odin, and Elrod Gold........but cripes, the cost. The fact that the Stealth has a great reputation, but did not blow my Orions out of the water, has me content that perhaps the stratospheric cost of the upper crust of speaker cable is not something I can live with given the bang for buck considerations. Some day perhaps I will try the Gabriel Golds' new speaker cable that's out.......their ic's impress me so, even compared to the Stealth, that perhaps there is some good value in speaker cable to be found there as well!!
Thanks for the feedback, happy listening and Happy Holidays!
I've been happy with Ultimate Cables Silver Series on G350's. Relatively inexpensive mix of milspec copper/silver/teflon from a boutique/garage project of Quebec engineer. Because the ribbons are purely resistive and don't rise in impedance/frequency like traditional dynamic speakers, some cables overcompensate being artificially bright on Genesis. First impression of Carl's was "smooth" but not missing anything. Would be nice if he published specs but, for the price, it's no risk.

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