Best speaker cable for focal scala utopia

Hello! I need advice from the experts. I need a good speaker cable for focal scala utopia speaker combined with pass labs xa100.5 power amp. Right now I'm using acoustic zen absolute. I'm considering transparent reference for an upgrade or what other choices do I have? I listen to classical, vocals, jazz, acoustics, instumentals & others . . . almost all types of music.
Snake River Audio Mamushi; affordable and superb.
I played with the XA100.5 for 2 years. It is an amp what can give a deep and wide stage. But the individual focus of instruments and voices are not that sharp. An often played too big in proportion. I played for 12 years with the Nordost Valhalla Loudspeakercable. But I sold it 2 months ago. I bought Audioquest Redwoos bi-wire loudspeakercabel recently. It is the only cable brand which I know well what does everything right. It has a deep and wide stage. Extreemly sharp individual focus of instruments and voices in the right proportions. I heard the shortest and quickest low freq. ever by a loudspeakercable. Even better than the Valhalla. The best black ( space between instruments, voices and air) I ever heard by far. Audioquest has all the talents/ properties you need in your system. Because normally you need more brands to get all the parts in your system. I will write a reviw about this cable in a few weeks here on Audiogon.
Thanks for the inputs. Right now I'm fortunate to be auditioning kimber kable select 6063 in my system. Hope I can do the same for other brands.
I sell Kimber as well. The 6063 is a good cable. But the newer techniques of the Redwood makes this a much better cable. Timing is better, focus is better, resolution is better. And mannnnnn black is awesome. You can hear easilly the difference in time. Kimber is older in time. The Redwood does things I never heard before. In speed it was even better than my Nordost Valhalla loudspeakercable, which I own for 12 years. Take a listen and you will understand the word 'BLACK' This will take music to another level of hearing. Separation is better. The stage is wider and deeper compared to Kimber as well. Audioquest makes the mistake that there are not a lot of review's of there newer cables. Soon I will write a review of the Redwood!
With Focal and Class-A amps, the Siltech Royal Signature line will be hard to beat, imo.
(A friend has similar system as yours, and he had tried lots).

The natural/organic quality they consistently infused to music is just plain addicting.
As always ~ taste, preference and synergy rule. So best to compare them to all other
candidates on your shortlist (in system) first prior to deciding, but I'm quite confident..

*I had the Valhalla, replaced them with KS Elation, on to Siltech Prince, and now King ~
whilst wanting to upgrade within their line only someday ~ or possibly get another pair
of King to run bi-wire. Their AC cords and I/Cs too are definitely woth checking out.

Good luck.
I look forward to reading your review Bo1972.
This weekend I will give presentations at a big audio show in the Netherlands. I will give a Audessey Pro demo. I will tell people about the difference between 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional sound. I will use the Audioquest Redwood cables. I even lend 4 Purist Audio Audio LE powercables from Jim Aud. He was very kind to lend me these cables for the show.
@ bo1972, how is the 25th anneversary power cable sounding these days? cheers!
At the show I have the fasted low freq by far. Today I got many credits of the best sound of the show. With the Redwood it is awesome. No time for sleeping. I had to do the Audyssey pro measurment by myself. I felt so much emotion cause of the speed. You know it is that special!!
Thanks for the info! I have acoustic zen absolute speaker cable. I have tested transparent super. kimber kable select ks 6063 showed little improvement but cardas clear is a lot better. I have yet to test other brands.
The cables you tested I know. They are allright but not that special!