Best speaker cable for evolution acoustic mm2

I have the great evolution acoustic mm2 speakers and currently use
The audience au24 speaker cable with it.

I am using the darzeel preamp and amp so using bnc dartzeel ic

I am thinking either the evolution acoustic speaker cable or
The stereovox top of line silver cables that are considered having
The best attributes of the Valhalla with more body and warmth?

The stereovox used is cheape by 20% than the evolution acoustic new
Radiohead, I have experience with the Evolution cables but not with the Stereovox, so I can't directly answer your question. However, FWIW, I found the Evolution cables improved significantly on the performance of the Jena Labs Symphony speaker cables that I had previously been using. The Evolution cables have significantly more bass weight, dynamics and authority.

If you do go with the Evolution cables, you need to allow them to burn in for a very long period before critically judging them. The high frequencies will likely strike you as assertive initially, but the cables ultimately develop sweet, refined highs as they burn in over the course of about 1,000 hours.
I am thinking of auditioning home trial the synergistic tesla speaker cables since they are well regarded on the 'gon and are local socal company