Best speaker cable for Electrocompaniet & B&W805s?

Hi, I own a Electrocompaniet ECI-3 and B&W 805s speakers. Can anyone share their experience and tell what speaker cables work particularly well with this setup? My budget will proabably take me to the $1000 mark.
Any garden variety van den hul.
Synergistic Research Signature 10 if you can find one used. I had the 802 and found the the HF very difficult to listen to (harsh/bright). The SR 10 did a very good job with the tweeter, making the system listenable.
Thanks for your response.

What about Transparent cables? The dealer closest to me demos with Transparent cables and I think he has the top of the range ones which are way above my budget but the Plus, Super or Ultra are a bit more reasonable. Has anyone had any experience of these cables?
PURIST VENUSTAS wonderful sounding speaker and interconnects.Great cables from a great company with wonderful service.
I use Transparent, Ultra mm2 speaker cables with B&W 805s. I have been very satisfied with the results. My amp is Simaudio W5.3.