Best speaker cable for B&W?

I have a pair of B&W N805's I have a short 5 foot run, they are biwired with Monster M series Biwire. It sounds decent but I know I can do better. What kind of cable are people out there using with their B&Ws? I'm looking to spend about 130$ bucks used right now? Any suggestions or experiences?
MIT Terminator 2 Bi-Wire. I use a them with a pair of original CDM-1 in my home office.
Squiddy - it's depends on your equipment - but I always liked high end Audioquest (Argent, Clear, Sterling, Dragon) when I had B&W's.

Cardas Neutral Reference (and Golden Reference) works well if you have "fast" solid state gear.
Bwhite cables are nice, except they'll cost you used $900+ for the Golden Cross and $600+ for the Neutral Ref. The Audioquest are all $450+.
I also think a good pair of used AudioQuest cables would work nicely. Your best bang-for-the-buck would be a bi-wired pair of AQ Argent. However, this will probably set you back $250-$300 used. I think I paid $275 for my 5' pair. If you keep your eyes open and are patient, you might find a slightly better deal (maybe $200). In the mean time, you might want to consider a pair of AQ Indigo bi-wires for maybe $50-$75 used, while you save enough money for Argents. You should be able to turn around and sell your Indigos for what you paid for them. Argent and Indigo are the best values in that series of AQ, IMHO.

Oh shesh! I totally overlooked the price consideration. Sorry everyone!

Squiddy - you have a nice set of speakers and the performance will not be fully realized until you match a good pair of speaker cables with them. My advice would be to save enough cash to afford the Audioquest Argents. I've seen them for 175 --> 350 depending on length.

The Cardas stuff costs too much and the better value would be with the Audioquest. I used MIT T2's when I had N805's (before I realized what cables can do). When I went to Argent, it was a significant upgrade in most every way.

For at/near the price range you are looking, there really isn't anything better than the Argent.

P.S. Cables are addictive.
I use a pair of Blue Circle BiWire BC92 in my main system, but these are also $500 new and $300 used. Great cable for the money.
I used monster M series on my B&W 801 and they were ok but i upgaded to b/wire Audiotruth- Midnight3(lows) and Argent(silver highs)and enjoyed a major upgrade. good luck
For that price try some used DH Labs T-14 biwires or a biwire pair of JPS Labs Ultraconductors. I personally preferred the Ultraconductors. Good luck!
has anyone try harmoic techonolgy speaker cable for bw speaker ?

At the price you are looking to purchase these things for you would be MUCH better served by a run of copper alarm wire, say in the 18 AWG range. If you can get some CAT 5 teflon insulated stuff, it will work really well - just make sure it's all solid core - stranded wire is just plain crippled by all sorts of nasty problems. Because you're running a short length the resistance of the wire itself shouldn't upset your amp's damping factor - all the control you need for the woof will be there.

Considering your budget and what is available in the audio realm to meet your budget, you will be way better off following my advice - it's super cheap to try, so if it doesn't work out... buy something else.
My dad has Harmonic Tech Pro-9 Plus Bi-wires with his B&W 803's. VERY VERY good sound. Much more bass response and tautness...more extended highs. Purer midrange. Great buy! Was an upgrade from a dual run bi-wire set of Audioquest indigo+'s. Very recommended! Cheers!
I have tried a few different cables with B&W speakers, including 805's 601's and 801's. This decision would depend on your front end. I have used MIT's MH750 bi wire and T2 biwire and liked them better than the monster cable I had on them before, but they weren't ultimately the best. Plus because they have the terminator network in them you can't double them up for single wire. I ended up with double runs of Tara Labs Master Gen2. This cable has since become discontinued but they do offer a new bi-wire cable, reference bi-wire. which is the most comparable to the master that I have on my system. It is very open, without being bring and has wonderful warmth. Give it a shot, most dealers will let you try cables overnight.