Best speaker cable for Audio Physic's Virgo

Need some input and recommendations for speaker cable to be used with AP's Virgo. I have read these speakers are very particular about cable interface.I currently have a Aragon 4004 MK 2 amp, Conrad Johnson PV-8 preamp, and the original Sonographe CD player(which will probably be replaced in less than a year) What of the Analysis Plus Oval 9 or Acoustic Zen??? Thank you, Jimbo
yes, I think you'll like the AZ cables. We've used both the Harmonic line calbes and Ocos with the Virgo's to very good results! The Harmonic Pro 11, 9, and even Melody Line are virtually unbeatable for the money (made by Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen I believe), and sound great on Virgo's in my experience.
Good Luck

The Acoustic Zen Satori has worked wonders for me with both the older Virgos and my new model III Virgo's at $600 for an 8ft pair they are fairly reasonable and sound fabulous with the Virgo's. A big step up from both the Analysis Plus and the Harmonic Technology.
I was using Stealth cables with my Virgos (Stealth PC Premier sometimes, and other times I switched in Stealth Triple Ribbon). I was happy enough with the sound. I then got FIM Gold speaker cable. The sound is transformed - unambiguously superior in every way. The cable is very very expensive, but effectively a component upgrade. Other components are YBA CD1a, SF Line 3, Blue Circle BC2, Nordost SPM interconnects.
i am using the Bear Labs cable with my Virgos and frankly i was amazed at the transformation in the sound. admittedly i was using a mid-line AQ cable before the switch but i think you should consider this option.