Best speaker cable for Acoustic Zen's Adagios

I have just acquired a pair of Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers. I want to upgrade my speaker cables which are Analysis Plus Oval 12; I would think the Adagios need a better speaker cable. I have been recommended the Acoustic Zen Satori, but I am open to other alternatives. This is an amazing speaker which I want to bring to its peak performance. Thanks Jim
I owned a pair of Adagio's and I agree with you they are amazing. Looking back on it, I wish I had tried Acoustic Zen cables for the simple reason that Acoustic Zen offers you the unique opportunity to match the Adagio's internal wiring with the wire in their speaker cables.
I say again try the hollowgram2 with them....hard to beat.They have it all.
Of course go with AZ speaker cables.
The Hollogram II is an excellent option, but if your budget permit it, buy the Absolute. You can find many used here in Audiogon at less than 50% of the price list.
I'm very happy with the TG Audio HSR cables. They added more punch to the mid-bass than others that I've tried. (The Satori were recommended by AZ.) With assorted 'tweaks', you'll be able to finesse the Adagio sound a bunch. Have fun.
I used AP Oval 9 and AZ Satori, Hologram II. AZ are better cables, more air, better soundstage, more musical. It will be an excellent match for Adagios. Absolute is even better if you can afford it, it beats many higher priced cables.
Robert recommended me sticking with hollowgram2 over the absolute...he said not with the sim gear.He could of sold me on the absolutes(i needed them)...i like that.You can always call and get his expertise,imho.Another worthy upgrade is the outriggers made for adagios.
Jkuc, Are you currently using the Satori or the Hollogram II?? I should have mentioned in the post that my amp is a Creek SE 5350 Classic integrated amp(85RMS). Though, it could be replaced by separates. The Creek seems to perform way over its sticker price---nevertheless, the Adagios are great speakers.,,, I want to thank all members who have particpated in the discussion so far, Thanks Jim
Jim, I used all AZ speaker cables, currently Absolute.
Hologram II is better then Satori though Satori is an excellent cable for the price.
I had Creek SE 5350 a few years ago. Very good but not as "lush" and 3D as the best.
I don't own the Adagios, but I've used shotgun Satoris for years and despite having several competitors in for comparison these never seem to leave. Excellent balance of tonal density, musicality, and detail. If I were you I'd give these a shot or, even better, the Holograms if they're in your budget. If you like what you're hearing from the speakers I can't see why you wouldn't try the designer's cables with them asap. I mean, what cables do you think he voiced them with??? Happy hunting.
I use all AZ cables in mys system and found them being better than a lot of other cables out there. For my speakers i`m using Satori Shotgun, with great results!
+1 for Hologram II, I contacted the company when I bought mine to see what the recommended match was and Silver Ref II interconnects and Hologram II speaker cables were said to be the best options.

I have been running this way for a couple of years--very happy with the results and not much desire to make changes in the speaker or cable department.