Best Speaker Cable Connectors

What are the best reasonably priced banana's and spade connectors? Is it best to have them profesionaly installed or can you diy? Should you solder or crimp on?
Thanks for any and all help!
All the cables that I have are very difficult to terminate. The Cable Company does a faboulous job!
( You will not do better.

The best speaker connector is NONE! Bare wire. Everything else is pretty much audio jewelry. Your just adding more crap to the signal to run through.
A well soldered or crimped Spade-Lug will always be lower resistance than bare wire, bananas or pins. It it what binding posts were designed for.
I do all the connections on my speaker cables, and both crimp and solder. Of course, I also wear a belt and suspenders when I go fishing, but that's a matter of taste...
I like the spades from
Dirrect gold-plated copper.
WBT but expensive with their tools. As Lincolnl says hardwire is best but not practical.
Thanks everyone for your help.
Anyone have experience with WBT connectors?
Also wondering on using no connectors on 1 end as Lincoln1 suggested. Audioeng, do you think with thin silver coated copper wire that this would work as well as a good connector? Or would it be better to bite the bullet and spend the extra money for good silver coated spades like the WBT's, if you are familiar with them.
Thanks again everyone.
Nice pure soft copper silver plated spades are available from Audioquest in various sizes. A cold crimp (with solder if you like to ensure agaist oxidation) is fairly easy to do. WBT may be worth the extra $ but you won't know unless you directly compare them yourself, in your own system.
Cold-crimp is the issue, so use whatever system that leaves a TIGHT connection.