Best Speaker

Here we go. Mt room is 21x18 w/10' ceiling. My system is Theta Casablanca, Theta David DVD/CD, Aragon amp 8008BB(L/R),Acurus A250x3 (center/rears), Transparent Music Link Interconnects (balanced L/R) and YES bilieve it or not Def. Tech. BP2000 w/CLR2000 center & BPX Rears.(Velo. Sub 15 movies only) My choice in music is VARY wide. From POP, Jazz, some classical and others. I listen to my sysyem as it is and rarely adjust the subs on the Def. Techs.(There set about half way) Given this I would like to be able to listen to my system with a more realistic sound stage, i.e. less Bi-Polar Smear. AND want speaker that can move more air with a littel move volume since my theater is now larger then before. Have listened to Snell XA 90ps, Dunlavy 4, Duntech Regent and Wilson cub.Like the Snells but are a bit Lean, Dunlavy&Duntech only listened to in showroom. Want what ever I get to be under $5K used, then add center/surrounds. I feel like I can get away from a powered speaker and use sub to assist should I want (not likly), but somewhat lean toward a true fullrange maybe slightly warm sounding speaker. So what do YOU think is the best direction to look/listen given this info. I am willing to upgrade my amps depending what speaker I get or I will Bi-amp with more Aragons. PLEASE ADVISE!!!
Hi Chuck, Take my advice and go to and look at a speaker called the "Solist". I've attended a manufacturer's demo at my audio club and was "blown away" at how good this reasonably priced speaker is. It is a D'Appolito config and uses two 7" Scanspeak drivers per side. A pair starts at around $1100/pr (kit). In case you don't know, very heavyweight marks use this driver in their hottest designs: Wilson Audio Watt; ProAc 2.5 & 3.8; Vienna Acoustics Mahler; et al. The Scanspeak is known for its fabulous midrange and extended bass. The Solist requires stands (it's a shorty) but six of these for home theater would be so kick-ass. I'd trade my $6000 Audio Artistry Dvoraks for these in a heartbeat!
I Have the Solist in my Den. Yes they are nice but I need a larger more capable speaker for my theater/2 channel room.
I have Meadowlarks Heron i speakers. They are amazing speakers. The first I have found that have everything I want. They are warm, detailed, with great imaging and transparency. The bass is all there, rich and full, not at all one note.
I agree with Blbloom. The Meadowlarks are great. Very musical.
Check out the Talon Audio Perregrine
Definitely the Talon Audio Peregrine. It is a monitor that has better bass than most floorstanders. Give it a listen.
Hi Chuck, The listening room for Madisound dealer demo was about 40'X 25' with 18 foot ceilings. I was standing close to the back of the room and the Solist filled every last inch of the room was stupendous, unstrained sound (the amp, I recall, was a run-of-the-mill sony solid-stater with about 150 watts/channel. If six Solist won't give you enough good sound, you're probably looking for something other than sound. Good luck
I really think you should try the SILVERLINE SONATA this speaker will make you feel as if you are in RADIO CITY MUSIC HALL center section center seat! The botton End is so POWERFUL and the HIGHS and Mid Highs are so INTENCE you could not possibly be diappointed