Best Source for Tubes

Hi folks. Can anyone put in me onto a good, reliable and inexpensive source for replacement tubes? Thanks.
Audiogon always has a good supply of used tubes.They are usually much cheeper than a dealer and many memebers have rolled tubes and have tubes up for sale. Just plug in tubes in search on this site and see what you come up with.If you choose to go the dealer route expect to pair high prices due to their expertise. Depends on the depth of your pocket i guess........
I agree with Thorman. Audiogon is a good source for tubes, just stay with the sellers that have a lot of nice feedback. You could probably find them cheaper elsewhere, but that's a good way to get a stack of old, microphonic, or just pain bad sounding tubes. Andy at Vintage Tube service does a nice job because he tests the tubes before he sends them out.
give us all a tip on what your looking ( tube type -sound of tube your looking for etc. ) for and maybe we can up with something............
whle Jim specializes in restoring old Citation amps, his tube pages are a good listing of a variety of NOS, used and new production tubes.

I've bought literally dozens of tubes from Jim without a single problem. He tests every tube, and guarantees performance. Plus he's a nice guy too! Hard to beat.

Check out

I have no other affiliation, just a happy customer.
hi i'm looking for 6922/6dj8 for a bat player. who has decent nos at reasonable prices ??

Check out Andy @ Vintage Tube Services, particularly if you're looking for 6922/6DJ8/7308 tubes. You may pay more, but you'll get tubes that you will be extremely happy with and will last. Call Andy and tell him what you're looking for.
upscale audio has a great selection of NOS and new issue. great to work with and helpful.
I agree that Upscale Audio has a great selection of tubes. please see
None better than Andy at Vintage Tube Services but hurry...he's shutting down in about 6 months.

04-26-06: Acresverde
None better than Andy at Vintage Tube Services but hurry...he's shutting down in about 6 months.
That'll be one of the saddest days in my brief history as an audiophile. There are a few excellent tube vendors, but Andy's the best. His tubes are consistently top quality.