Best source for checking out new equipment ???

Is there a website that has good coverage of new models from TONS of different manufacturers ? Kind of like a "what's new" with some generic descriptions, small photo, pricing, etc.. ??? While any / all suggestions are welcome and appreciated, i'm looking for a specific Sony product right now.

This might be something that Audiogon might want to consider hosting, as it would encourage more traffic to the site just to see what's available. At the same time, it could also open up even more gear on the used market, as people might see something that they want and move the old stuff out to make room for the new. Products could rotate on some type of daily or hourly basis, etc... Just a thought.... Sean
sean: i haven't found anything quite like what you describe. there's a bit of new product news at times at and some individual audio sites post "new product" headers (e.g., i'd sure like to see someone put this stuff together. audiogon might be the perfect host. great idea. -kelly