Best source for advice/sales acoustic treatments?

I need a pro to advise and build specific room treatments for a difficult room. And I need someone who can think/design out of the box. Any suggestions, please?
Have you tried the guys at Real Traps? Their products work great and are reasonably priced. You can contact them at
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Agree with contacting Ethan Winer at Real Traps for acoustical treatment products. They are the real deal.

Russ Berger would be my first choice for custom design work:

Glenn/Bryan at are very knowledgeable and helpful. Their product works great and is reasonably prices.
Hello, By far and without a doubt, Ethan Weiners Real Traps. Then do some room testing with the Room EQ Wizard. We all have computers and we all should be taking advantage of this technology. And that coming from a Luddite like me is a huge compliment.
Acoustic Sciences Corporation was a great company to work with. Good ideas, tailored products to my room.
Bryan at helped me with room analysis, and custom treatments at off-the-shelf prices. Compared to the other "most recommended" suggestions, I felt like I got personal service/top products at about 1/3 the cost. You can see a couple of photos on my system page. Cheers,