Best source for 220V used power cords?

I need to upgrade my power cords but I would like to get used ones and I need 220V since I live in Korea? Any good sources to recommend. I notice that Shunyata Powersnakes get good feedback here. Do they make/sell 220V; and who are the best dealer for them?
Hi, I've used quite a number of different brands of US-made powercords here in Switzerland, where we have 230VAC with overall very good and no detrimental effect.Those powercords, which dealers here import from the US, fitted with EU plugs, are to my knowledge in build-up generally identical to those made in the US for the US market. So I suppose, you could import directly from the States. Some US dealers will even get you the right plugs for your country. (eg: Cable Company, email address being:
Regards, Detlof
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Cjpark. I live in New Zealand where we use 230V, and I buy cables from the US and put local plugs on them, and then get them tested at high voltages to ensure they are safe. I still have to put up with the fact that the cables are illegal in this country, and you may have similar problems in Korea. The biggest problem I have is finding a local plug that will accomodate the thick cables.

If you want to buy them ready-made then you should look to European (but not the United Kingdom) countries where they use the same plug-type as Korea. To check out electricity types and plug types used in any country you can go to You will find that Switzerland uses a subtly different plug-type than the one used in Korea, but that others use exactly the same plug type. You should still be aware that Korea's local regulations may still render these cables illegal and therefore expose you to at least an insurance risk.
of course the cable company tel.++90-215-8626570