Best sounding vinyl

When it comes to new vinyl,which company puts out the best sounding records?
both Classic Records and Analog Productions are pressing 45rpm records that are the current state-of-the-art as far as 'best sounding'. it is also very fortunate that they both have chosen some of history's best performances and recordings to re-issue on these 45's.

Groove Note, Cisco, Speaker's Corner and 4 Men With Beards are other excellent labels that have very consistent performance.
In addition to Classic Records, Analog Productions, and the other labels listed above, there is a new Japanese label called "Eighty-Eights" which is releasing brand new jazz recordings (with top name American jazz artists) that are pressed on 180 gram Quiex vinyl. The sole review about this label that I have read (in TAS) was very positive. Releases from "Eighty-Eights" will soon be distributed by Analog Productions. For more info about the releases soon available on "Eighty-Eights", click on the following link to their Web site: