Best Sounding used amplifier under 1000???

Looking to get into a used 2 or 3 channel power amplifier to power my Paradigm Studio Reference 80 ver. 1 speakers. Looking at around 200-250 watts per channel or such. I am currently using a Xtant 3300c (60x2, 360x1) high end car amplifier and it sounds so wonderfull but looking to get into more power and with possibly better overall sound (how much more better will it be I dont know?). I'm using Monster Cable M Series CX-4 Bi-wire cable for the speakers. My limit is $1000 used for the amplifier. Please post any comments and suggestions retaining to this idea.

Used Bryston 3b-st can throw 200W onto 4Ohm and fits your price range.
New Bryston 3b-st will be arround $1200 together with shipping if ordered directly from Canada. I've recently saw it for $1100 in Yahoo online stores.
Used Bryston 4b-st is arround $1300 will meet all your power expectations(and it makes a sence either to wait or to raise your budget for $1300).
Another option for approximately the same price might be for you Nad S30, but hard to find used yet.
B&K EX442 power amplifier can be had for $400 - $500 used. It's 200 wpc into 8 Ohms, provides plenty of current, and it has balanced inputs and a detachable power cord.

You can get a B&K Pro-10 preamplifier for about $400 used to finish off the system. Good luck!
I agree, Bryston is a great first choice. Also consider the McCormacks, excellent sound for the price.
The Anthem Amp2 is a great sounding amp (Hybrid design) and I've seen it as low as 800, but more average of $1k.

Bryston is good stuff.
Marantz MA500 or MA700 rock.