best sounding tube pre and ss amp youve heard.

Hi,friends and i made tests comparing spectral dmc6 and dma 180,on duns 4as and wlsons w/p5,with audible illusion L2 and quick silvers v4s.The spectral gear was holding its end quite ok but the tube gear really revealed more transparency and musicality and sounded relaxed compared to spectral gear.But few hours after of listening and comparing we couldnt stay in my 23x12x9,4 foot ceiling living room.So my question is what would be the best ss amp match for a tube pre Shindo aurieges which im planning to buy,apparently people rave about the shindo.Didnt hear yet but will soon.Any suggestion is welcomed.pat
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DeHavilland Mercury3 with any SS amp.
BAT VK5i + VK500 BP was my first tube + ss shot. It was pretty good after getting the right tubes in the preamp.

The best however, was a Thor TA 1000 + BAT VK500 w/BAT Pk. wzs the best sound I'd had in my home. That was while using VSA VR4 JR, and/or Phase Tech PC10.5.... I'd love to have heard it on my Sonata IIIs...

Lately, in conjunction with an Odyssey Strattos SE it isn't bad either. Not at all.

I'm sure there's a lot of good amps that will do well with a Thor preamp feeding them though.
It's more important to match your amp to your speakers than your preamp, what speakers will you be running? Are you using Watt/Puppy 5's? Is the other speaker you mention a Dunlavy IV? Both would seem to want a pretty powerful SS amp, what's your budget? Would you consider a high powered tubed amp? More info is definitely needed.
I like my Mac 2200 for the money and features.

One of the best I have heard is the BAT REX.

I also like the sound of the Conrad Johnson Preamps
highly modified Dyna PAS (using 12au7 tubes) with a Hypex based 200w/8ohm power amp.
I would consider a tube amp if it were not a furnace.Or what would be the best pre,ss or tube to be match(if possible)tube sound like with the dma 180..The dunlavys 4A.Yes i think that 100/150 watts and over.Maybe if i get the dmc 20 id get almost there.Thanks for answering input needed.pat
I really enjoy the Shindo Aurieges and think that its a fine pre, but keep in mind that it has a relatively high output impedance (5,000 Ohms I think), so you have to be careful about matching a SS amp to it. Best to mate it with a tube amp, or even better a Shindo amp, but that's a slippery slope that I've already gone down....
Is the Lamm 1.2 so good, as they say, sounding like tube.This would be perfect for me.