Best-sounding tabletop audio w/ digital tuner and aux in?

Hi all.

I’m looking for a high-quality, amazing sounding tabletop audio solution for my kitchen. It needs to have a digital tuner, since I listen to quite a bit of FM radio and change stations a bit. But, more importantly, it needs to sound like a stereo and not an alarm clock. I don’t care too much about Bluetooth, but it needs to at least have an aux in cable for use with an iPhone/iPad. It’s largely for listening to music while I cook.

I currently use a Tivoli radio in my study, which I love, but it only has an analog tuner. The sound quality, while very rich for radio, also suffers from having only one driver. Can anyone speak to the sound quality of the Model Three? I generally hate Bose products due to their overwrought bass, but perhaps their tabletop solutions are good?

I guess I'd also be open to hearing about small systems that have separate speakers, too, if anyone feels strongly about a particular model. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I seem to remember an auxiliary cabinet to plug in to the master that makes stereo happen  (not positive if it was Tivoli or KLH radio)
Get a used Linn Classik with the Tuner. You have AM, FM, CD Player, you can hook up an XM Radio thru the Aux Input, Playback an I Pod thru the Tape Input, hook up 2 Powered Subs thry the Pre Outs or a more powerful amp if you want, it also has a clock, an alarm clock, and a timer if you want to go to sleep to music. Make sure it comes with the remote or you wont be able to set the clock and a few other things manually. I just hooked up a pair of used Klipsch SB 1 speakers and play it it a 24 x 12.5 room with 8 foor ceilings. It also has a tape loop for reel to reel or a cassette deck. Good luck.
I have both the Tivoli and Sangean table top radios. Both are very good. This Sangean has the features you are looking for.