Best sounding table system for $500 or less

I would like to buy a small table system for the kitchen.
FM and playing wav/flac files from a USB stick would be ideal.

The Bose Home Speaker 500 at Best Buy for $400 sounds ok
but it's wifi only and I don't want to stream.;maxHeight=640;maxWidth=550

I just want to press a button to listen to FM or play music from a
USB stick.  Easy peasy when I am in the kitchen.  I don't want
detachable speakers either.  An all-In-one like the Bose 500.

Any suggestions up to $500 for a decent sounding unit ??
Forgot to mention, The Bose Wave soundtouch music system iv is a little too big for kitchen area:


I wish they made the Bose 500 with USB port !
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Peachtree DeepBlue bluetooth speaker...
Peachtree DeepBlue bluetooth speaker...
Peachtree DeepBlue bluetooth speaker...
I don't see that this has FM or plays Wav/Flac from a USB stick.
These are the 2 features I wanted.
My 2018 Camaro allows me to insert a USB stick with all
my favorite tracks and play them directly.  It's so easy.  I
can't believe table radios don't have this option. 

Best Buy told me all new table radios and speakers are
designed to force you to pay for music subscriptions.
Total suck.  Sometime we just want to plug in an 8-track
and listen without messing around searching for our
favorite tracks..  geezzz....
I just looked at the link and none of the Tivoli models play music from a USB.   As noted in my original post, I am looking for a table model that plays Wav or Flac from a USB stick.  Easy as 8-Track.
Those cables will not work.  A 3.5mm input expects an analog
signal.  A USB thumb drive with Wav and Flac files are digital files
not analog an analog signal.