Best sounding Supertramp's "Breakfast in America"

I am looking to replace a used vinyl copy of SuperTramp's "Breakfast in America" I have read a few customer reviews on Amazon which claim the Mobile Fidelity Gold CD is disappointing In addition, the 2002 remastered version has gotten mixed reviews I also read that the 2005 MLPS issue of this album was the best. What is MLPS or mlps??? Need some advice on replacing this excellent album.
I bought the SHM-CD of Crime of the Century. I thought that it was pretty good. I also have it in MFSL 1/2 speed mastered vinyl. Not as good as the vinyl, but good for digital. Breakfast in America was also released on SHM-CD.
The Japanese vinyl is the best I've heard. It sounds better than the Mofi. MLP is Meridian Lossless Packing
The best I have listened to is the Nimbus Supercut from HiFi mag very costly, Japanese next then MoFi cost is about the same for these 2. Stay way away from tthe current US reissue from Universal Back to Black release it sounds very muddy. IMHO.
I second the Japanese pressing. Listened to it last night.
Thank you to all who have responded. Question: What is an SHM-CD?? and through what outlets are they available?? Are they compatible with standard CD formats?? I have a Rega Apollo CD player. Thanks, Jim
You can find SHM CDs here:

SHM stands for Super High Material. Which is Japan speak for the improved products used in the manufacturing process.
SHM-CDs are compatible with regular CDs but they are expensive.
Rwwear wrote:
> You can find SHM CDs here:

Damn you. Now there is a loud toilet flushing sound emanating from my wallet ...
Misery loves company Goose.
The SHM-CDs are expensive and, except for SHM embossed on the jewel case, they are not labeled as such. What are they made from -- what is the source file or medium they use to create these discs, does anyone know?
It's not been made obvious.

One of the web sites selling the new SHM-SACDs published the genesis of the sources used, and in most cases they were tapes from Universal's vaults in Japan.

One would expect that the CDs have the same basic model. One should not expect that they are made from the original analogue masters that are in vaults outside Japan.

dont bother with the SHM releases....they are smoke and mirrors...the original lp is is the cd reissue that came out in late 90s...both are available very cheaply....