Best sounding speaker with a Krell KSA50S ?

Best sounding speaker with a Krell KSA50S?
Kina' leaning toward the B&W 805S. Open to opinions, suggestions.


I used my KSA50S with my B&W Silver Signatures for 9 years. When I finally sold the Krell I found out what the meaning of a dark sounding amp was. But in answer to your question, it works great with the B&W.

I'm kina' jonesin' for a set of B&W 805S speakers BAD. I am in a very small room (14X10)and listen mostly to jazz and future lounge/down tempo stuff.(ANYTHING off of XM Channel Chill #84)

Any imput is GREATLY appreciated!!!!

My KSA 50S was paired with Verity Parsifal Encores (part time) for +/- 5 years with great success. The P/E might overload your space, but the new smaller Verity (Rienzi?) might be a good choice.

i would suggest you go to the montana audio site and look at thier speakers. then find somewhere to hear them.