Best Sounding Speaker Cables?

Cardas Clear, Nordost Frey 2, Clarus Crimson? Strengths? 
I'm anxious to try the Raven Sonoquil speaker cables.
@oldaudiophile … From the NYT article: ”So given the assumption that there can only be a truly minor difference with speaker cables and the desire to get something inexpensive (but good) from a recognizable source and from a company I’d heard of, I narrowed to potential picks: AmazonBasics’s 16 gauge ($6.95, $0.14/foot), Monoprice’s 2747 12 gauge ($14.68, $0.29/ft), Monoprice’s 2748 14 gauge ($12.87, $0.26/ft), Pyle’s PSC1250 12 gauge ($14, $0.28/ft), Pyle’s PSC1450 ($11, $0.22/ft), and RCA’s AH1450SR 14 gauge ($11.42, $0.23).”

Sorry but this is not a valuable source. This is simply a review of a bunch of cheap cables with reference to a couple of electrical characteristics. Of no value to someone serious about high quality sound reproduction.
I understand these "what is best" questions come from the dilemma of being unable to buy a bunch of expensive cables/amps/streamers and compare them. So, it seems natural to ask others, "Which should I buy?" It would be great to have a Consumer Reports that compares fridges, dishwashers, amps, and interconnects. But there will never be an audiophile version of Consumer Reports because your ears are different from everyone else's, your tastes are different, and a component sounds different in different setups. So, the best thing you can do is buy from a company that doesn't charge a lot to return their products. I wish audio conventions could give you the comparisons you wish but they won't unless you lug your gear into the convention hall with you. :-) 
There is no best. 

All one can hope to attain is reasonable compatibility between system components that interfere minimally with the music.

@andy2 - show me the science, real not pseudo, and math proving LCR is dynamic to the level it impacts musical program.
Ghdprentice, did you read ALL the articles in ALL the links available? If I remember correctly, Shunyata, AudioQuest, QED and, possibly, other speaker cables were used in the testing & measurements articles via the many links. I wouldn't call those cheap speaker cables, especially Shunyata. These are all fine cables, indeed! That being said, I tend to agree with your general observations of 7-11-21. We are talking about extremely fine and subtle nuances here. If spending two thousand, five thousand or more dollars on speaker cables (or anything else, for that matter) floats your boat then, by all means, go for it! However, I couldn't agree less with your pompous, dismissive conclusion that the information put forth in the sum total of ALL those articles is "of no value to someone serious about high quality sound reproduction". "The more that you read, the more things you will know" (Dr. Seuss). Of course, as so called audiophiles, there's no substitute for critical listening. A little (or a lot) of reading & preparation in this regard doesn't hurt. Most high-end shops I've frequented have demo cables they are more than happy to let you borrow for your own proper auditions at home.

Boy! There's nothing like a thread on speaker cables to bring out the sanctimony and incivility of some audiophiles! Release the trolls!