Best sounding SACD's to show-off system

I like to show-off my Wilson Audio W/P6s and Krell 350mcx to friends and try to get them to understand the rush of high-end audio, and I have to some degree, but what SACD's out there that are recorded best! Something that will really make them melt with goose-bumps. Thanks!!
You might try Mark Levinson's SACD "Recordings at Red-Rose Music".

Very intimate and you are there (so to speak).

1. Mahler's 1st, 3rd & 6th by the SF0 under Michael Tilson Thomas. (Delos)

2. Anything on the DMP label

3. Blood, Sweat and Tears - track 9. (Be very patient through the long keyboard intro)

4. Steely Dan - Gaucho

5. Frost - Mozart's Clarinet Concierto (BIS)

I have many more if needed.
1)Pink Floyd- DSOTM
2)Roxy Music- Avalon

these are very dynamic recordings with a full range sound
Anything by Opus 3...two mikes put in the right place..start with the two samplers.
Aimee Mann - Lost In Space

Handel- Music for the Royal Fireworks/Water Music (pure DSD)

Roxy Music - The Best Of Roxy Music (import)

Patricia Barber - Nightclub

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (A/B it to the redbook)

When are you throwing a party so we can come and hear you system???

Happy Listening.
Mingus - Mingus Ah Um

I find this disc really shows off why SACD is superior CD
If I wanted to show off my system I would choose to play a DVD-A disc. None of my SACDs quite match up to several Tacet (German audiophile label) DVD-A discs. I am still waiting for a SACD that really impresses me although most are good compared with CD.

Boston Boston
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Aerosmith Rocks (If you can find one!)

I am in the same quandry; I just got done upgrading my crappy Jap stuff to Mark Levinson, dCS, B&W 800 and have not set up yet in my new home. What shoud I play to all my hard rock over 40 friends?
steve davis project sacd.pat
Modern Cool Patricia Barber , Sea Change Beck
The two Proprius recordings, Cantate Domino and Vaelkommen till varen. Both sound extraordinary even on my unmodded Denon 2900.
Bigkidz: You have an open invitation. The party never stops!!!
Pink Floyd Dark side is my reference choice. Blows the mind of non informed listeners. Great multi-channel SACD. Also, Nora Jones is good, as this girl can sing.
Jtinn- I wasn't aware the party ever started :o)
I'm still new to SACD, but two that I have found that are outstanding are Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" and Willie Nelson "Stardust". There is a lot of detail to be heard in both artist's voices, and SACD seems to really let bring it out vs. redbook.
I second the nomination of MTT's recordings of the Mahler symphonies. These discs really take advantage of the huge dynamic range available on SACD/DSD. I'd also add "Blue Country Heart" by Jorma Kaukonen (Columbia) if you like folksy/bluesy/country Americana. It's another pure DSD recording and offers superb presence, 3-D imaging and clarity.
I bought MTT's Mahlers 7th and WOW! One of the best there is.
Bob Belden "Black Dahlia" (Blue Note)

Big band jazz, not swinging Basie-style but more soundcolor painting like Gil Evans.

DSD multichannel recording, very natural and dynamic. The best SACD sound I have ever heard.