Best sounding SACD's to show-off system

I like to show-off my Wilson Audio W/P6s and Krell 350mcx to friends and try to get them to understand the rush of high-end audio, and I have to some degree, but what SACD's out there that are recorded best! Something that will really make them melt with goose-bumps. Thanks!!
You might try Mark Levinson's SACD "Recordings at Red-Rose Music".

Very intimate and you are there (so to speak).

1. Mahler's 1st, 3rd & 6th by the SF0 under Michael Tilson Thomas. (Delos)

2. Anything on the DMP label

3. Blood, Sweat and Tears - track 9. (Be very patient through the long keyboard intro)

4. Steely Dan - Gaucho

5. Frost - Mozart's Clarinet Concierto (BIS)

I have many more if needed.
1)Pink Floyd- DSOTM
2)Roxy Music- Avalon

these are very dynamic recordings with a full range sound
Anything by Opus 3...two mikes put in the right place..start with the two samplers.
Aimee Mann - Lost In Space

Handel- Music for the Royal Fireworks/Water Music (pure DSD)

Roxy Music - The Best Of Roxy Music (import)

Patricia Barber - Nightclub

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (A/B it to the redbook)

When are you throwing a party so we can come and hear you system???

Happy Listening.
Mingus - Mingus Ah Um

I find this disc really shows off why SACD is superior CD
If I wanted to show off my system I would choose to play a DVD-A disc. None of my SACDs quite match up to several Tacet (German audiophile label) DVD-A discs. I am still waiting for a SACD that really impresses me although most are good compared with CD.

Boston Boston
Elton John Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Aerosmith Rocks (If you can find one!)

I am in the same quandry; I just got done upgrading my crappy Jap stuff to Mark Levinson, dCS, B&W 800 and have not set up yet in my new home. What shoud I play to all my hard rock over 40 friends?
steve davis project sacd.pat
Modern Cool Patricia Barber , Sea Change Beck
The two Proprius recordings, Cantate Domino and Vaelkommen till varen. Both sound extraordinary even on my unmodded Denon 2900.
Bigkidz: You have an open invitation. The party never stops!!!
Pink Floyd Dark side is my reference choice. Blows the mind of non informed listeners. Great multi-channel SACD. Also, Nora Jones is good, as this girl can sing.
Jtinn- I wasn't aware the party ever started :o)
I'm still new to SACD, but two that I have found that are outstanding are Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" and Willie Nelson "Stardust". There is a lot of detail to be heard in both artist's voices, and SACD seems to really let bring it out vs. redbook.
I second the nomination of MTT's recordings of the Mahler symphonies. These discs really take advantage of the huge dynamic range available on SACD/DSD. I'd also add "Blue Country Heart" by Jorma Kaukonen (Columbia) if you like folksy/bluesy/country Americana. It's another pure DSD recording and offers superb presence, 3-D imaging and clarity.
I bought MTT's Mahlers 7th and WOW! One of the best there is.
Bob Belden "Black Dahlia" (Blue Note)

Big band jazz, not swinging Basie-style but more soundcolor painting like Gil Evans.

DSD multichannel recording, very natural and dynamic. The best SACD sound I have ever heard.

I wanted to re-vitalize this thread as SACD is alive and well in 2018.

Jamie Cullum - Twentysomething (2004)

The Police catalog.

The Rolling Stones (2002) catalog

The audiophile warrior is Dire Straights Love Over Gold. Standard issue cd which makes it all the better. 
Hmm. Funeral for a Friend usually impresses whether sacd or cd. A classic.
Yes! Elton John's catalog on SACD is wonderful. Do you own all of the titles?Happy Listening!
Elton’s sacds sounded great to me until I went back and played them on vinyl. GYBR, in particular, was much better in every way on vinyl (I have a first MCA pressing that has been played hundreds of times). That being said, the Elton sacds sound better than redbook.
@trelja "Mingus - Mingus Ah Um"

OK, after close to 15 years and hosting many folks, both audiophiles and non, I’m changing my entry to Getz / Gilberto. After listening, many a non-audiophile then spent months asking me things like, "Uh, what was that thing you played called, an SACD?" and "How come it never took off?"
Hi Joe 
I hear that- I, too, have EJ 's 60s and 70s catalog on 1st pressing MCA/Polydor original CDs. These do sound excellent.  I only own one or two SACD titles, not enough, to compare every title counterpart.
Happy Listening!
treljathe SACD may not have reached the masses? Much depended upon location(s). Best Buy, in my area, always had a pretty good selection over several genres of music. Circuit City (remember this chain store?) dabbled in SACD, again, in my area. For those of the internet age, eBay offered a vast catalog (still does). I can report that these discs were much cheaper upon release in the late 90's to mid 2000's.
Mingus- Ah Um and Getz/Gilberto are excellent in any format.Happy Listening!
Biggest issue I see with SACD right now is cost of the media.
Just not going to find many buyers at $25 to $35 a go.
A shame as the few I own do sound nice but not THAT nice....
Just my opinion...
@wcfeil "Hi Joe"

Ah, my true friend is now here!
@jafant "treljathe SACD may not have reached the masses? Much depended upon location(s). Best Buy, in my area, always had a pretty good selection over several genres of music. Circuit City (remember this chain store?) dabbled in SACD, again, in my area."

You're exactly right.  Most likely, I bought most of my SACDs from Best Buy.  And at decent price.  We also had Circuit City also in my area, but I don't think I ever bought an SACD there.

What I mean about SACD not reaching the masses is that virtually none who actually (most likely, unwittingly) bought a hybrid got to actually hear the SACD layer, as they lacked the hardware that allowed it.  SACD not taking off drove me back to vinyl. I have a ton of CDs, but CD just cannot provide me with the same moving experience.

My best friend is a serious musician, got signed to a record deal by the Maloof brothers, and has a bit of interest from afar in high-end audio.  He'd never heard of SACD, and when I talked with him about it, the conversation normally went nowhere.  Once, we got into a little more, and he asked me how many bits SACD used.  The look on his face when I told him 1 bit was of utter scorn.  However, several months later, within 3 seconds of listening to the opening track of Getz / Gilberto SACD, the more than ubiquitous Girl From Ipanema, I literally saw his eyes pushing out and his jaw hanging
Now, that is what I am talking about- treljaYou are a good friend for introducing your musician friend to Getz/Gilbertoon SACD. Sweet.Wait until he hears The Rolling Stones, especially, Hot Rocks...

Happy Listening!
trelja3,109 posts "I literally saw his eyes pushing out and his jaw hanging"

That is an astounding occurance did his eyes actually fall out or were you able to push them back into his head has he seen a doctor to get them reconnected please tell us more about what "literally" happened?