Best sounding SACD regardles of music

I am looking for a SACD to demo the system.I would appreciate your reccomendations.I need full spectrum:bass,drums,transients.Thanks a lot.
Try Telarc SACD-60433, Film Music of Jerry Goldsmith, wiht Goldsmith conducting the LSO. It has a huge bassdrum, great depth, dynamic range, and instrumental color. My only wish is that the strings didn't sound quite so thin.

Great music too--from 'Star Trek', Air Force One', and LOTS more--which is why I bought it. I've bought 2 more copies because I love the sound.
The full potential of SACD is not realized unless your system is multichannel, with good speakers all around. The stereo audio quality improvement over a well made CD, is real, but not dramatic enough to impress your audience.
For demo I would recommend these:

Audiophile Reference IV (All tracks are great, you get a little bit of everything) (FIM)

SuperBass2 - Ray Brown Trio (Try tracks 4 & 6) (Telarc)

Scary Music (Try tracks 4, 10, & 12) (Telarc)

Live Recordings At Red Rose Music, Volume 1 (Try tracks 1 & 6)

McCoy Tyner Quartet: New York Reunion (Try track 5) (Chesky Records)
Babatunde Olatunji-Circle of Drums. This disc is unreal! Superb recording on the Chesky label.
Jeff Wayne's "War of the Worlds" sounded pretty darn good to me. Richard Burton's deep, sonorous narration coupled with some great songs by the Moody Blues (among others) and you've got a very nice SACD to listen to.

Muddy Waters/Folk Singer
Eric Clapton/461 Ocean Blvd.
Buddy Guy/DJ Play My Blues
Bob Dylan/Blonde on Blonde
Nope-sorry guys it's the "Yo Miles" sessions. There are two double CD's that can be had for about $20 ea. One is "Upriver" , can't remember the other. Native DSD. The second release has better fidelity the first a better image. They smoke anything I've heard on SACD by a lot. These are a tribute to the Miles electric period in a band headed by Wadada Leo Smith and Henry Kaiser. Very dynamic, lots of cool stuff like a tabla-trumpet duet. They are on Steve Feigenbaums Cuineform label. You can find them at his website: