Best sounding SACD disc?

I like to show-off my Wilson Audio W/P6s and Krell 350mcx to friends and try to get them to understand the rush of high-end audio, and I have to some degree, but what SACD's out there that are recorded best! Something that will really make them melt with goose-bumps. Thanks!!

What kind of music do you like?Heres two of my favorites as far as music and sound quality go;Alison Krauss"Now That ive Found You" and "Ultimate Mancini"an allstar lineup of musicians,including his daughter Monica Mancini,,,VERY GOOD!!!Have Fun!
"An Introduction To SACD"-Chesky Records. This is the best SACD compilation I've encountered.
Beck 'Sea Change'...but that's just my preference...would love to hear it on a system of your caliber may be a classical or jazz guy so I'll leave those recs up to other...and then check some of them out myself...i like the idea of a sampler disc as suggested above.
Blues in Orbit by MFSL. Probably the best recording Columbia ever made of the Duke and his orchestra and some of the best work Ellington ever did. Listen to Johnny Hodges' solos on the alto sax! Probably the best alto sax playing ever recorded. Period. The sonics are wonderful. So good in fact, I now no longer bitch and complain because Columbia never issued it on prerecorded open reel.
how can you show off your WP6's when you have another thread asking if you should buy WP6's?
My two particular favorites are:

1. Blood Sweat & Tears (2nd album from 1968, often mistaken as the group's first album. This album was the first album with David Clayton Thomas as lead vocalist).

2. Mark O Connor ("In Full Swing") - jazz, mostly instrumental with some excellent vocals by Jane Monheit (probably her best recorded vocals).

Three provisos ... I believe that these are SACD only pressings and only playable on SACD players. They may also be a bit hard to come by, as some sites show them as either low stock or import only. They are worth the trouble to track down. As for number three, nobody reacts with goose bumps to well recorded and reproduced music anymore.

Regards, Rich
As Ellery911 points out Duanea has another thread asking if he should buy the W/P 6. In actuality he has not one but two threads asking if he should buy the W/P 6. One is on the same day as this thread! The other is from last November. Going further back he has a thread from December 2003 indicating he already has the W/P 6. So what's the deal here Duanea? Not trying to disparage you, just figure out what you are up to?????
Beck "Sea Change" is correct! Untouchable.
You're kidding right? Right here:

You have a long thread with about 20 responses asking the exact same question, with the same supposed system, from two years ago! What's up with that? Do you have the Krells and Puppies or is it just wishful thinking? Also my apolgies to everyone for not posting a clickable link but I just don't know how.
I suppose next week you'll have the Von Schweikert VR11s to show off.
So this thread is digressing into "audiophile delusions"?
Hey fellas, the joke's on us, heheh.
Duanea, what's going on with you? As previously mentioned, do you actually own the Wilson Audio W/P6s? Depending on the date of your posts, you own them, or are considering buying them...this has been over a period of more than 2 1/2 years on each of your 8 threads. To quote Natalie Merchant,
"What's the matter here?"

Anyway, thanks to all for their SACD picks!
Rolling Stones- Let it Bleed.
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My reference disc;
Jamie Cullum-  Twentysomething (2004) Verve.
Holly Cole:       " TEMPTATION"