Best Sounding SACD

Looking for recommendations on the very best sounding SACD's... What can you suggest? Not crazy about jazz or classical (sorry)...

If you like Elton, his are really good. Includes Madman, Honky, Tumbleweed Connection.
All of the Elton John SACD's are out of this world. Also I love my Sychronicity on SACD almost, but not quit, as much as the vinyl version.

Even if you are not a huge Jazz fan, Tierney Sutton's "Dancing in the Dark" is the best SACD I have in my collection, and one of the great vocal recordings of all time.

Works well on the ladies too!!!
Joe Satriani's "Engines of Creation" is perhaps the best sounding rock recording I own. It is a studio recording with little recording venue ambiance, but that deficiency aside, it's dynamic range, frequency extension, and clarity are pretty astounding.
Here is a list of SACD's they selected especially to demo the new format. All of these will be particularly good.
I can 2nd :

Elton John
Roxy Music-Avalon
Tierney Sutton- Dancing in the Dark

And also:

Carpenters-Greatest Hits
Steve Earle- Guitar Town
Rory Block-last fair deal
Bob Dylan-Blood on the Tracks(pretty good)
An obscure, but wonderful SACD is "Blue Country Heart" from
Jorma Kaukonen. I believe he was part of the original Jefferson Airplane. This SACD shows up on TAS list. If you
like bluegrass (or just great guitar), you will love this
Allison Kraus "Live" double album... hybrid & multi ch.


Billy Joel's "Imocent man"

Willie nelson "Stardust"

the re-issueance of Pink Floyds "Dark Side of the Moon" hybrid, 2ch, and multi ch SACD. Very nice.

Elvis - can't rememgbr the name but it's a DSD remaster. Super. Mono SACD

Chesky's & Telarc's website will show you more great options... but with SACD... pop and rock aren't the largest or most prolific genres well vested into this format. Thus choices for excellent SACDs are slimmer than with DVD Audio which has a plaethora of pop and rock artists more so available.

Clue... look for DSD recordings.