Best Sounding Rhapsody in Blue

I am seeking A Rhapsody in Blue Recording that truly fills
the audio spectrum. I have the following CD's (don't laugh
I really like this piece)

1. Michel Camilo-Hybrid SACD Telarc
2. Michael Tilson Thomas-RCA Gold Seal
3. Arthur Fiedler with Earl Wild-SACD-RCA Red Seal
4. Leonard Bernstein-SOny SACD
5. James Levine-Deutsche Gram-(Levine at the Piano
6. Stereophile-CD with Rhapsody in Blue

I really don't want to buy many more of these. Anybody
recommend a CD that really sounds great. The above are OK,
but there must be more. A fuller and richer sound. Sometimes it is difficult to find a great sounding Cd.
Thanks for any and all suggestions.
I had 3 or 4 versions and one day decided to go through the whole collection of CD's and eliminate what no longer appealed or what was better in vinyl. Gershwin CD I have left is:
"A Gershwin Celebration" Live Concert Performances
Lincoln Mayorga pianist
Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitry kitayenko
Good solid performances of Gershwin plus an outstanding version of Summertine
The process took about a year but I heard a lot of music I hadn't in quite some time and was worth the work through
Ok, you are obviously very sick and need help... My personal recommendation is Gershwin plays Gershwin.

A suggestion that may be a bit off the wall...but I recently saw a RIB perfomance by the "5 Browns" & it was rather stunning. The Browns are five siblings that play RIB on 5 concert grands all at the same time. I can't speak for the recording quality (I assume it is available), but if it could be (was) recorded well I would think it might have a full & rich sound.

I'm not finding your this it:

Conductor: Dmitri Kitayenko
Artist: Lincoln Mayorga pianist
Orchestra: The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
Audio CD (October 25, 1990)
Format: Import
Label: Sheffield Lab
The one I like most is from "Gershwin: All The Works For Orchestra & For Piano & Orchestra" played by Jeffrey Siegel (Piano) and Leonard Slatkin conducting St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. It is a double 24/96 DVD set from Classic. I rip it into iTunes as 24/96 Apple Lossless Audio file and play back from my MacMini through a Benchmark DAC-1. You must experience it to appreciate how good it sounds. Both recording and performance are 5 stars.
Fishboat while not at home to check it was by sheffield labs and everything else fits so in a few day can check to be sure
Most of what you have for information is correct, I am not sure about the date or ASIN number. What I can tell you for further information is that it is all live concert or recital performances, done during1) March 16, 1988( I Got Rthym, Rhapsody in Blue, and Promenade 2) Three preludes, Two Waltzes in C, Rialto Ripples, Impromptu in Two Keys, recital April 27, 1988 and 3) Lullaby for String Orchestra(a new favorite, previously unknown) and Summertime Audust 19, 1986.
It was remastered to 20+ arrow 16, by Doug Sax and Lincoln Mayorga in April 1994.
It was put out under "The Audiophile Reference Series" in 1994
The CD case has the following on the side: 10044-2-G
Stereophile did a review of it, which is quoted on the back in part.
" The 20+arrow16 means an Ultra Analog-based 20 bit A/D converter is fed into an Apogee UV 22 encoder, allowing up to 15db of low level signal that is below the 16 bit noise floor to be encoded on the CD. This dramatic increase in low level resolution represnts a significant milestone in achieving the fine detail and ambience retention characteristic of analog recording. THE RESULTS ARE STUNNING" Erom the back cover. All this should help you, also try Arkiv Music on the net. They can often reproduce CD's that are no longer extent.
Hope this helps
Thanks for taking the time Uru...if I can't find it through your description I never will.
check out this Telarc disc. I own it and like it a lot.
Regardless of the actual audio "quality" I think that the Bearnstein recording is the best. There's something about his solos that I find more magical than anybody elses performances. I own it in 3 formats.