Best Sounding Recording

What is your "best sounding" recording, music notwithstanding. Mine is REBECCA PIDGEON "The Raven" CHESKY (SACD).
It depends on my mood. Only Kidding! Naziskinheads"Die! Die! Die! Its a sort of opera. Independent label, of course.
Stravinsky "Firebird Ballet" - 45rpm Mercury reissue from Classic Records

Lightnin' Hopkins "Goin' Away" - 45rpm reissue from Analogue Productions - let's just say this gets very high marks among a number of others
John Coltrane- Blue Train- Classic Records 45 RPM Series-reissue of Blue Note

Digital: Burmester Sampler Demonstration disc
Spirit Traveler Hits from the Motor City XRCD.
I'll second Rushton's mention of the "Firebird" and add:

Mendelssohn "Mendelssohn in Scotland" 45rpm Decca reissue
from Speaker's Corner

"Autumn Yearning Fantasia" and "River Of Sorrow" FIM 002 and FIM 003 from First Impression Music

Ray Brown Trio "Soular Energy" Pure Audiophile PA-002

Count Basie Orchestra "88 Basie Street" 45rpm reissue of the Pablo 2310-901

Sorry, I couldn't stick to just one ;)
Eminem, The Marshal Mathers LP.

Hey... you diddnt ask about content, just recording quality.
Tough question for me, I always get involved in the music and ignor the recording quality, or I don't like the music and get rid of it. That said, I put on the Reference Recording of Copland's music. The first cut, Fanfare for a Common Man is fairly dramatic. With full range speakers the combo of the drums and brass will fairly shake the room with big tight bass. Sort of like some of the old Telarc recordings, but far more musical. The 3rd Symphony on this disc is excellent as well.

My second choice is also a Reference Recording on LP - Professor Johnson's Amazing Sound Show. Mostly recorded on tape in the late 50's - its just amazing, the quality of the sounds, especially for those of you who think the possibiities have come a long way since then. It has a cut of some African drumming that should really get you blood up!
really, slappy?!? on my system, it's well-engineered only as far as stereo effects go. beyond that, you can hear all of the digital alterations to his voice, there's no depth whatsoever, it all has a very plastic sound to it. don't get me wrong, i love the album and i'll never let recording quality affect what i listen to, but keep in mind that i have notoriously revealing speakers and i was far from impressed with it.
I agree with Timf "it depends upon my mood" but I always find myself going back to Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat"
Lazarus28, the problem is yer system. it is too damn good for eminem, need to go with something hi-mid-fi at best.
In CD, Alice in Chains Unplugged (Believe it or not)
In Mono Vinyl Any Excello orange label.
In Stereo Vinyl I got the T-Bone Walker Blues by Roy Gaines
In 4-Track open reel Beethovens' Ninth,Deutsche Grammophon
Berlin Philarmonic 7.5 IPS, mastered by Ampex ( Despite the technological advances in reproduced sound, nothing and I mean nothing will surpass 2 & 4 track open reel )
Man I miss Alice In Chains, I was just playing Mad Season today!
Good Vibrations???
A.I.C. Unplugged is a great live recording.