Best sounding RCA jacks..Cardas Silver?

Upgrading my CJ's RCA inputs and outputs. Any experience as to some good sounding choices? I lean towards silver plating, but don't know about rhodium plating used by some manufacturers on some of their jacks. Bring it on, people. THANKS AS ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The oxygen free 6-9's linear crystal copper RCA jacks from Vampire are extremely good! They have no faults that I can hear, extremely low distortion, no bunching up of any particular frequency and especially beautiful on the extreme highs. They are reasonably priced, and take solder so well that the job of connecting the wires are a joy.
I have had wonderful results from the Audio Magic Sorcerer RCA interconnects. A-B ed against another top brand became a no-brainer choice. Really worth a try if you value 'smooth as glass' highs and overall transparency.