Best sounding processor

Looking for a great sounding processor, say 11 channels or so.  

wouldnt it sound better with tubes?  I now use a tube preamp which is a nice added layer on top of av processor. 


A lot of people favor Marantz but I find it harsh and bright sounding.  Listen for yourself. 

Fail.  Except the last sentence, which if you do, you'll find that Marantz leans toward the warm side.  I've never heard a "bright" Marantz component.  I have an AV7704 in my main HT system and a KI-Pearl SACD player. 

If you do go with a Marantz processor, search for a shootout between the 77XX series and 88XX.  The bottom line was that everyone in the group was unable to detect any sonic differences between the two series, so unless you need some connections or features on the 88XX series that aren't included in the 77XX series, you're better off going with the 77XX unit.

^^^^ That wasn’t the 8805 series but the 8802 and after owing the last three Marantz pre/pro’s coming from Anthem pre/pro’s (No native DSD so said bye bye) The 8805 is more on the transparent side and no warmish but closer to neutral, it was tuned by Ken’s team and it excels as 2/ch pre/amp as well. I know of many using it with amp’s one would pair with a dedicated preamp.

That's correct about the 8802.  Maybe the 8805 is worth the extra scratch.  Accessories4less has them for $3500 (refurbished with a 3 year warranty).

@big_greg  I do you like the KI-Pearl SACD player, I've always wanted to take the plunge and now is looking like a good time but would need to put off my preamp venture I was going to try next.