Best sounding Primare integrated amp up to $2000

I have borrowed a Primare I21 and I like how it matches my Vandersteen 1C. So far this is the best sound I've heard from these speakers. I haven't tried many amps but only about 4-5.
It seems like I'm going to get one of these amps but first would like to hear from the Primare population here on this forum what would be the best one to get up to $2000 since I don't rely much on those reviews which can be found in press or on specialized websites. I would appreciate to hear from Primare owners.
Go for the older ones. Not the Class D amps.
I love my class D I32! Demo'd Creek and Belles before buying. The Belles was really nice, too; but I need adjustable balance. That's not the only reason I chose the Primare, though.


are you using the matching CD32 spinner?

Happy Listening!